What Are the Key Ingredients in Stella Artois Beer?

Key Ingredients in Stella Artois Beer

Sitting down with a cold beer after a long week of work is just a vibe. Stella Artois, the shining star of Belgian brewing, has been the epitome of premium quality for centuries. Ever wondered what it takes to brew this iconic lager? Prepare to be hop-alyzed. You asked so we’re going to answer four of the most important ingredients in this process.

1. Water: The Essence of Brewing

Most people mistakenly think the water is just for volume but it has a role to play in the flavour too. Water influences beer taste, body, and mouthfeel. Stella Artois, rooted in Leuven, Belgium, reserves this crucial component with reverence. The city’s prized natural water is soft and favoured by brewers for its purity and balanced mineral content, attributes that contribute to the classic, crisp taste of Stella Artois.

Sourcing and Quality

Stella Artois sources its water from natural reserves close to Leuven, known for its mineral-rich, artesian spring water. This water is meticulously filtered to ensure a consistent and pristine base for the brewing process.

2. Malted Barley: The Bread of Beer

We need grapes for wine and we need malted barley for beer – simples. It’s where the starches that will eventually turn to alcohol and carbonation are derived. The malting process involves turning barley into malt, which is achieved by allowing the grain to germinate slightly before drying it to a stop. Stella Artois cherishes tradition and uses only the finest malted barley as a foundation for its beer.

Role in Brewing

Starches are broken down into sugars thanks to the enzymes in barley and this will play an important role later during the fermentation process. We’ll give you a sneak peak. Without this step you simply wouldn’t have the alcohol content and flavour that Stella is famous for.

Types Used in Stella Artois

Stella Artois carefully selects pale malted barley, which results in the light, golden colour and the slight bready sweetness characteristic of the lager.

3. Hops: The Spice of Beverages

Those who drink Stella regularly will talk about the bitterness and aroma, and these both come from hops (flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant). Stella Artois balances its barley sweetness with hops for their subtle yet critical role in flavour development.

What Hops Do in Brewing

In the boiling process, hops kick in bitterness to counteract the sweetness. During finishing, they add fragrance and complexity to the beer’s character, making each sip a delightful, multi-layered experience.

Specific Varieties in Stella Artois

Stella Artois, the beer with a touch of Czech magic. They use Saaz hops, the noble ones, with a soft bitterness and delicate floral aroma. They’re like the perfect wingmen, complementing the beer’s malt profile without stealing the show. 

4. Yeast: The Catalyst for Fermentation

We now come to the fermentation process and the step that underpins everything else (beer makers wouldn’t get very far without it!). Yeast consumes the sugars from the malted barley and produces alcohol, carbonation, and a wide range of flavours.

Yeast in Stella Artois

Stella Artois uses its unique, proprietary yeast strain. This special ingredient, kept under close guard by the brewers, is what gives Stella Artois its specific flavour profile and full fermentation potential.

Fermentation and the Stella Taste

Fermenting at specific temperatures and durations with the Stella Artois yeast strain results in the balanced, creamy head and the characteristic crispness that the beer is renowned for.

Always enjoy Stella Artois responsibly