Why and How to Care For Your Opal Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings are an identification for the successful completion of a milestone in the path of eternity for couples. Hence, the significance of engagement rings can hardly be denied. However, when we choose our engagement rings, we get driven by the delicacy and appeal of their appearance and may choose a delicate ring. 

Hence, taking care of that ring to retain its shine and luster becomes paramount. Each metal and stone has ways to be taken care of, and opal engagement rings are no exception. In this blog, you will learn how to care for your engagement ring. 

Why Do You Need To Care For Your Ring?

The opal stone comes with a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 on Mohs Scale, which means it is moderately durable. The stone is not brittle like emeralds, yet they can get scratched or succumb to other easy harms. Hence, properly caring for them will help them retain their luster and shine. If they are not properly treated and exposed to extreme situations, the damage can last forever. 

Additionally, the symbolic significance of the ring will perish. If the ring gets seriously damaged, you cannot wear it around anymore. And considering the astrological associations with the stone might harm your relationship and weaken the bonds between the two. Thus, treating it with utmost love and care will help to retain the sparkle of the ring and your love. 

What Are The Ways To Treat The Opal Engagement Ring?

Opal rings are moderately sensitive and can be maintained quite easily. The major thing to remember is to avoid strong detergents or chemical compositions. Other than that, exposing it to extreme conditions might also affect the ring’s luster. Here, we will give you detailed information on maintaining your opal engagement ring. 

  • Storing

If you want to keep the ring away, do it in a separate box with a supportive covering inside it. Store it separately so it does not come in contact with other metals or stones that might scratch or subject it to abrasions. The stone is not very compatible with extreme temperature conditions; hence, storing it at normal room temperature is best. 

In addition, you can also put cotton balls soaked in water along with it, which will help retain its moisture. Yet, it would help if you remembered that Opal-stone engagement rings are not suitable to be stored away for years together. Therefore, it is better to take it out sometimes and then put it back after a break. 

  • Polishing

In cases of polishing, it needs to be done by professionals. Thus, if your engagement ring has scratches and has become shabby and dusty beyond homemade cleaning methods, you need experts to handle it. Stone polishers have their professional way of polishing to bring back the stone’s smoothness, vibrancy, and luster. 

  • Cleaning

The cleaning method is different for solid Opal and double and triplets. You must make a mild detergent solution and warm water for the former. Next, you need to immerse the ring into that solution for the pollutants to soften up. After 2 to 3 minutes, use a soft cloth to wash the dirt and grime away from the ring gently. If the dust is stuck within the crevices and corners, you can use a soft-bristled brush to clean those. Once the cleaning procedure ends, dry it with a lint-free cloth. 

However, double- and triple-opal rings do not soak in the soap solution since the adhesive attaching it might give off. Use a soft cloth to clean the pollutants from the ring by gently wiping it. Since there is more than one stone, put a little pressure on it, or the stones might separate. To clean it off the moisture, utilize a lint-free cloth. 

Things To Avoid

Here are a few things to avoid while dealing with an Opal engagement ring. These are; 

  • Though convenient for other rings, do not use ultrasonic cleaners for Opal. As it might be fractured
  • Contact with harsh chemical components like bleach, chlorine (like a swimming pool), perfume, lotion, household detergents, hair spray, cosmetics, etc., is strictly prohibited
  • Avoid wearing the ring during heavy outdoor activities like gardening, sports, or household activities like washing clothes and utensils to save it from damage. 

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your Opal Engagement ring is not impossible but methodical. Hence, you need to pay proper attention to what situations you are subjecting it to. After all, everyone wants to keep the shine and glisten of their engagement ring, which embodies their bonding.