Is It Possible to Find Vegan Beer or Cider in Australia?

Find Vegan Beer or Cider in Australia

Having a vegan-friendly diet means making food choices carefully. You do not want to include any animal products. But, are your alcoholic drinks vegan-friendly? Vegans who love to drink beer and cider often want to know if their beverages contain non-vegan ingredients. The best fact is that some brands have introduced vegan-friendly ciders and beers. Nevertheless, you have to read the labels thoroughly while buying alcohol. In some cases, animal products used for the content are not clearly disclosed.

Is cider a good drink for vegans?

Ciders are made from various types of apples resulting in the production of diverse flavours. Besides, their colours range from cloudy to clear. Some ciders have amber and golden tones. You will also find variations in the ABV of ciders. While many consumers prefer sweet ciders, others like the tart spirit. 

The history of cider production is not much clear. Apples used for the drink traditionally come from Central Asian regions. However, only apples are the main ingredients for making ciders. There is no use of yeast and sugar. As the apple juices have natural sugars, they help with the fermentation procedure.

Some alcoholic spirits have agents like:

  • Fish swim bladders
  • Crab shell’s chitin
  • Isinglass
  • Egg whites
  • Gelatine and collagen obtained from animals

But, nowadays, you can find fruity ciders and vegan beer in the market. Small, local breweries use vegan-friendly methods for processing the drink. The best ciders are vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Can vegans drink beer?

The most significant components of beer production are:

  • Grain
  • Hops
  • Water
  • Yeast

Most beer bottles disclose the ingredients, which are suitable for vegetarians. During the brewing process, the breweries remove contaminants and yeast to provide a clear beverage. But, some beers have animal by-products like lactose and gelatin.

Which animal-based ingredients are used for beer?

The most commonly chosen animal ingredients for beer are:

  • Bone char- Brewers use the burned bones to filter the brew.
  • Albumin- A type of protein derived from animal tissues and fluids
  • Casein- A milk protein clarifying the liquid
  • Carmine- Found in pink and red ales
  • Isinglass- A collagen obtained from swim bladders
  • Lactose- To make the beer sweeter and thicker, as the yeast does not ferment lactose
  • Gelatin- Another clarifying agent obtained from body parts

Alternative fining agents used for vegan-friendly beers are

  • Irish moss or carrageenan- It makes the beer clear during boiling.
  • Biofine (a colloidal silicic acid)- A vegan-friendly solution for better clarity of your beer

Best vegan-friendly beer in Australia

You can buy IPA beer in Australia, as it is a regular beer made from hops. You will get a strong flavour while drinking the beer. Dry hopping is a way to steep hops for beer fermentation. The process develops a strong aroma and amplifies the fruity notes of hops. The beer will smell better, and there is no hint of bitterness. However, IPA beer has different variations, and you need to check the details before making the deal.