Stella McCartney Sneakers: They Are Going Green

Stella McCartney Sneakers

Stella McCartney sneakers: Intro

The sneaker and shoe industry is a budding business and it is getting bigger than ever. Every brand and label is in a constant battle to produce a great design and to put it forth in the market. Well, thanks to their efforts now we have numerous amazing options to choose from. Among all the other designers, the label Stella McCartney is also part of the race. The design label is creating brilliant sneakers for women, however, these are not just your normal wear shoes instead these are environment conscious shoes. I am sure you have never heard of anything like this, well these sneakers are indeed a marvel in themselves. Let`s dive in and find out more about them, shall we (Stella McCartney sneakers)?

Insight on the label: Stella McCartney sneakers

Stella McCartney is a designer label brand. Stella McCartney is a famous female designer hailing from London. She is the daughter of famous singer Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney who was an animal activist and a noted photographer. Stella pursued her design course at Saint Martin`s College of Art and Design London. She worked as an intern in a French couture house and British Vogue in her early days (Stella McCartney sneakers).

Stella McCartney Sneakers
Stella McCartney Sneakers: Magical

She was the sole reason behind the reestablishment of the known fashion brand Chloe. Stella McCartney was indeed successful in doing so, later she came in contract with Gucci for a joint venture and started a line under her name in 2001. She gained recognition in a short period for her sustainable fashion outfits, she is known for making leather-free and fur-free luxury clothing. Her designs got famous grabbing celebs` attention and soon her clients became big artists like Madonna, Kate Moss, Kate Hudson, Meghan Markle, etc. These people have worn Stella`s design on their special days. Today, she has made a name for herself and her brand, her brand offers various categories of products.

Stella`s sustainable sneakers:

Like her other products, Stella has always been conscious of the environmental hazards normally caused by shoes, cosmetics, and clothing. These sneakers are mainly for women but they offer a few unisex and kids options too. The brand has meticulously designed these sneakers by using vegan and cruelty-free material and they have tried to keep them as clean and green as possible.

Stella McCartney Sneakers
Stella McCartney Sneakers: Class

Some worth mentioning styles are Elyse chunky sneaker, Eclypse platform sneakers, and loop sneakers. The brand has also collaborated with Adidas and offers some chic shoes. The Reclypse sneakers are a modern take on street sports fashion, they look very petite and have a narrow top. These sneakers are available in several eye-catching colors and designs. The loop sneakers from the brand are a must-have in your shoe rack, these are fully made on sustainable materials along with a detachable sole (Stella McCartney sneakers).

Its sole gets attached through clips just like a Lego while the upper half is also recyclable. These sneakers are made in Italy and are worth your money. These sneakers are for all those vigilant consumers who want to buy luxury items but not at the cost of environmental degradation.

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