Powerpuff Girls Aesthetics: Reliving your childhood

powerpuff girls aesthetic

Powerpuff Girls Aesthetic: Introduction

21st-century kids indeed had the best childhood ever because they had watched mighty The Powerpuff girls Aesthetic on TV. This animated show was one of the iconic cartoons of all time and if you haven’t watched this, you haven`t enjoyed your TV time. The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated cartoon series made by animator Craig McCracken which featured 3 small kindergarten girls with superpowers.

3 cute little sisters, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup save their town from criminals and aliens. These girls lived with their father and all of them have their special superpowers. This amazing show aired on Cartoon Network for six years blessing Gen-z`s childhood and its episodes are still available on Amazon Prime if ever that childhood nostalgia kicks in.

About the characters: Powerpuff Girls Aesthetic

If you don`t already know, these girls were made by professor Utonium with a unique mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice. All these superpowers made these girls Whoopass so that they can fight monsters and mayhem in their town. Blossom, the pink one is the leader of the group and her trait is everything nice.

powerpuff girls aesthetic
Powerpuff girls aesthetic

Bubbles wear blue and she is sweet and soft, whereas her sister Buttercup is a hot-headed tomboy. Her personality trait is spice and her color is green. We all must have fought with our friends about who will be whom.

Powerpuff fashion: Powerpuff Girls Aesthetic

These cartoon characters are quite animated with big heads, eyes, and small bodies. All of the girls followed the same kind of fashion, their color-coordinated dresses, white tights, and Mary Jane shoes. Apart from this what makes them unique was their color specifications and hairstyles and makeup. Blossom has red hair, tied up in a ponytail with fringes and a red bow, Buttercup has black hair which is seemingly short with fringes, and has angry look on her face. Bubbles is the sweetest and she is dressed in blue, her hair is blond tied up in cutest pigtails.

Powerpuff aesthetics:

Over the years there have many looks designed by taking inspiration from this iconic cartoon. Powerpuff aesthetic revolves around the character’s given traits such as out Blossom gives out boss lady vibes, she is sorted, and she is girly, confident and smarty pants. So you can try some solid looks, something like crop tops, jeans, jewelry, and or short skirts. Bubbles give out very soft and sensitive vibes but she is a bombshell from inside. Her aesthetic looks are oversized t-shirts, hoodies, and shorts, something super feminine. Buttercup is a rebel, she gives full-on baddie vibes. She is fierce and always ready to fight, so if you comply with her personality then you can try styling up in tops and cargo, fishnets, maybe dye your hair green with dark lipstick and statement eyeliner (powerpuff girls aesthetic).

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This show was ahead of its time and empowering, in a world where superheroes are only portrayed by males there they showed 3 little super girls, thus conveying a huge message through a cartoon show. We all were obsessed with the show at some point and with its impeccable fashion quotient.

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