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Emo aesthetics

Emo aesthetic Introduction

Emo aesthetic or Emo, we all must have heard of this word at least once in our life. Emo is a subculture aesthetic fashion that has been derived from the emotional punk music genre from the early 2000s. This type of music is known for its hardcore emotional lyrics and these “emo” bands used to dress in a particular way to express their feelings and for people to distinguish them from others.

Emo music touches our soul and is based on heartbreaks, angst, etc. Alongside other trends like Goth, Grunge, Hip Hop, Emo also became youth`s popular choice and we still get to see some glimpse of this trend.

History of Emo trend & Emo aesthetic

The Emo Aesthetic trend starts with the formation of the band ‘Rites of spring’ from Washington D.C. The word Emo comes from Emotional hardcore punk music, it later came to be known as Emocore music. What is so special about Emo? This music genre was different as it started for the expression towards injustice and violence, it includes emotional lyrics about angst, pain, and past feelings with dramatic vocals like screaming and crying, etc.

Emo music still does exist and over the years it has evolved from Emocore, Midwest Emo, and Emo pop to Screamo. Some of these are little light like emo-pop and some are extremely aggressive like Screamo. The Emo visuals are seemingly a mix of Goth trends and negative feelings. Often Goth bands used to not like Emo teens because of their similarity which caused confusion between the two cultures. Emo looks are to express the negative emotions towards the situation, the common motif that you will see are skulls, roses, broken hearts, guns, etc. This culture has evolved during all these years, so has its visuals.

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Emo Fashion looks

As mentioned above, this culture has always been a mode of expression of the difficult feeling of people`s life like pain, depression, heartbreak, etc. Thus, the use of black color is perfect to describe the dark emotions. There used to be various ways people dressed, black outfits from top-to-bottom, skinny jeans, true corset oversized hoodies, and converse sneakers. Sleek spiky hair, dark eyes, piercings, rubber bracelets, studded belts, and body tattoos. For Emo guys, the boys can choose an oversized custom screen printed t shirts and skinny jeans for a simple look, bangs are essential when it comes to hairstyles. For dressed-up emo, boys can wear pants and military jackets with accessories and septum rings to amp up the look.

Emo aesthetics
Emo aesthetic: Creative look

If you are a girl and like the emo trend then you can try casual looks like emo boys or you can wear tank tops with pleated skirts and true corsets for the extra effect striped slacks. For a little, sassy look you can try lace, colorful hair looks, and bold eye makeup. Emo style of dressing is basically to express the liking towards this type of music and personality. Among all the other trends and aesthetics, Emo is also the one we will get to see in 2022. If you are even slightly interested in exploring this culture, then you must check out bands like My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and Fallout Boys.

Emo aesthetic Base

The emotional, passionate and moody aesthetic known as “emo” initially showed up in the early 2000s. It is renowned because of its gloomy, dark and introspective undertones and is usually related to the proto-punk and independent music culture. Apparel, hairstyles and cosmetics are often used to express the emo look. Tight-fitted jeans, rock t-shirts, leather belts and black sweatshirts are a few examples of common emo look. Rough, layered cuts, hair dye and edgy fringes that cover one eye are common elements of the emo hairstyle. Red lipstick is the element of a heavy, makeup look. The emo aesthetic is strongly associated with feelings of sadness, loneliness and isolation. Even though the emo aesthetic has been criticized for negative emotions and bad feelings, some people adopt it as a means to express themselves and a means of interaction with similar individuals.

Emo aesthetic Fashion

The edgier and rebel emo aesthetic style is defined by its regular use of dark colours, stunning accessories and absurd elements. These are a few common emo elements:

  • Skinny jeans are indeed a hallmark of an emo look. They often go along with oversized sweaters, hoodies or rock t-shirts.
  • Band t-shirts containing punk, emo or contemporary bands are often worn in emo fashion.
  • Encrusted belts are a popular item in the emo aesthetic and provide an outfit with a punk rock vibe.
  • Black hoodies are indeed a must in emo fashion as it provides both styles as well as comfort
  • Classic Chuck sneakers in black or vibrant colours are indeed a hallmark of the emo style.
  • Black eyeshadow, dark mascara and red lipstick are elements of emo makeup.
  • Emo haircuts usually feature edgy fringes, choppy, multi-layered haircuts in vibrant colours and hair which conceals one eye.

Emo aesthetic Wallpaper

Wallpaper with just an emo aesthetic is often depressing and gloomy and can feature abstract paintings, old photos or lyrics from unconventional or emo songs. Here are a few ideas for emo-influenced wallpapers.

  • A gloomy, simple wallpaper with black and white abstract can offer your device a touch of a hint of emo feels.
  • Dark and sorrowful antique pictures of deserted places, old graves or black and white photos also can make great emo aesthetic wallpaper.
  • As emo style often focuses upon songs, why not utilize your favourite verses as wall art? Choose a backdrop that fits with the design and a font that matches the song’s mood.
  • Gloomy and moody settings, like a foggy forest, a windy coastline or a desolate desert can make really good wallpapers with just an emo look.
  • Consider wallpaper with dark floral prints, such as black flowers or prickly tendrils, if you would like to add a touch of emo aesthetic without going absolutely dark and gloomy.    

Emo Aesthetic Room décor

Here are some ideas for emo aesthetic room décor:

  • The emo style often revolves around in these shades, so make them the basis of your room décor. For variety, add dashes of vibrant colours like neon, green or red.
  • Posters of your favourite unconventional, rock or emo bands can indeed be placed on your walls. To give them a more attractive design, frame them.
  • Emo aesthetic commonly involves antiques or substitute elements. Think of incorporating a steel table, a leather chair or a dresser changing table into the décor of your bedroom.
  • Pick artworks that really are indicative of emo styles such as ghastly paintings, conceptual art, or black and white photographs.
  • Dark, moody lighting may assist to create a strange, tragic vibe in your area. For a gentler tone, consider incorporating a string light or a salt lamp.
  • Embellish any home with edgier items like skull-shaped bookshelves, steel pillar candles, or scatter pillows with studs.
  • Add personal elements to your home décor since the emo aesthetic focuses on expressing yourself. To show your individuality, exhibit your favourite novels vintage albums, and band artefacts.

At Kitchen

You may consider the following visual elements in your kitchen to create an emo aesthetic:

  • A countertop that is dark and blue in colour can provide your kitchen with powerful, moody air. You can match them with metal equipment for a clean look and faded base cabinets to add a vintage look.
  • Applying geometric shapes to your new kitchen can offer this an aura of irreverence and sharpness. You may opt for patterned drapes rather than simple tile for your wall.
  • Fixtures or pendant lights in black or some other dark colour can provide your kitchen with a hint of theatrical medieval zest.
  • To provide your kitchen a feeling of rebellion, put dark skinned or multicoloured artwork featuring skulls, thorns or other sharp images on the wall.

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