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Scamalytics is a digital site on which we can detect any kind of technical fraud. With the growth in technology, cyber crime has also increased up to high extent. From kids to elders, everyone is now bonded with technology. There are various sites that we open unknowingly in our devices.

Scamalytics is a platform where we can check whether the available link is a trap or not. How do we do that? With the help of IP Address, we can easily detect whether it is a fraud call or not. 

Scamalytics: Overview

Scamalytics platform is designed in search a manner that it can detect any kind of frauds that are digitally possible. It helps businesses and government to identify the fake, to detect the fraud and to provide safety to the users.

This site is one of the greatest websites of all time as it provides safety and security to the users. It helps the businesses from getting fall in tarp. It saves them from getting hacked or pirated. This site is a kind of software which detects the fraud through IP address first and they give an alert to be safe from such scams.

Types of products offered by Scamalytics

  1. IP Address Fraud Check
  2. Scammer Detection

IP Address Fraud Checker

With the help of IP Address, it checks the source of it. It detects the fraud risk score through its software that on the scale of low to high. It finds whether the API is available or not. It helps the clients to do their transactions safely. It helps in banking, payments and dating. This site uses the IP Address to classifieds and reviews.

Scammer Detection

Dating scammer detection is a technique which automatically blocks romance scammers. There are numbers of dating site available nowadays. Scammers are taking a great advantage of such sites and to blackmail them.

This product of the site performs Bot detection to avoid any unwanted activities. They immediately help to find their details. It checks images, profile and text. It mainly attacks on the IP address and the user agents to crack the scam.

How do Scamalytics work?

This digital site helps to decode the high-risk connections through its software. They are bound to provide safety and security to their clients. It detects the risking factors of your online services with the help of IP address. One can easy check or detect the scam with the help of IP address and API.

They try to detect the risking factors across various datapoints. They are able to perform the detection of the scam or fraud with the help of machine learning. They own a set of data which includes all the blacklisted sites on behalf of which they bring the outcomes.

How IP Address works?

IP Address is considered as a unique address through which identification of the device is done. It helps to detect the device on a local network. It helps to find out the origin of the sites. There are various scamming sites in the digital world. It protects the users form such sites.

IP stands for Internet Protocol system or address. It is used to identify the connections of the local network on the internet. Scamalytics uses IP address to identify the scam calls.

Benefits of Scamalytics

  • It is used to detect fraud and cybercrimes.
  • It helps to identify the scam profile with the help of IP Address.
  • It tracks down the IP Address to detect the scam.
  • IT saves businesses and government sectors from online scams.
  • They also have dating scammer product; it helps to track all the dating scams.
  • It protects their clients from getting robbed and save their revenue model.
  • It is a customer – oriented site which allows customers to identify the threats.
  • This site provides alternes and awareness among the people.
  • Scamlytics protects the product of the businesses and their clients.
  • They ensure the safety of their clients first.
  • They own a list of blacklisted websites which help them to track down the origin of the scams.

Drawbacks of Scamalytics

  • It is a digital site thus; it requires a digital medium to use it.
  • IT requires electronic gadget and internet connection for the accessibility.
  • Technical error is a common issue.

Alternatives of Scamalytics

We are bound and surrender to technology. Most of you will agree to this and the remaining will agree to disagree with this. With the increasing in the technology, growth of cybercrimes is reported highly and we all are aware with this.

There are various other sites like Scamalytics which were established to bring security to the people. Some of the top listed alternatives are:

  • Precongnitive
  • Nethone
  • Graphus
  • Armorblox


Scamalytics is a digital platform which is popular as a scam detector in the market. There are various prod and cons of this site which makes it useful or unusual for the users. This site definitely helps their clients by tracking the scam with the help of IP address detection.

They have two products to their clients for the detection of the scam. It keeps the business safe and secured. It holds few competitors in the market which might alter its market size. They also have a dating detection software which enhance the experience of dating sites.

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