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Palette FM

Do you have old black and white pictures of family? I mean we all have few of them right! Sometimes we all wish to see them as a colorful vibrant picture. If you would have wished this a decade ago then it was not possible. Today we live in an artificial intelligence (AI) era. With AI anything is possible guys. Once such Al tool which can turn your wish into reality is “Palette FM”. It is amazing for turning your old colorless images into colorful vibrant.

So, here we discuss about this amazing AI tool. We will get to know everything about Palette FM and explore the potential of this AI tool. Let’s not waste any more minute!

What is Palette FM?

Palette FM is amazing web AI tool. On this web you can turn your old black and white picture with help of AI into colorful vibrant one. The best part is that the process of changing pictures is extremely simple. You have to go on the Palette web page. Then you have to upload an image and automatically AI will add color to the image uploaded.

You know what’s more interesting about this AI tool is that it gives you freedom to edit the image. If you not satisfied with AI outcome.

You know how perfectly Palette FM changes the color of an image. It applies too deep-learning models. One creates caption of an image which is a description of image. According to the description second model fill colors in the image. This is how your Palette AI platform works. Your old colorless picture turn into colorful vibrant one. The base color palette of AI tool gives amazing results. Though it also has a wide range of alternative color palette options for you.

Key Features of Palette FM

  1. Automatic coloring: Palette FM use the AI to add color to your old black and white pictures. This change doesn’t even take few minutes. This quickness of the web AI saves your time and a lot of efforts.
  2. Variety of Color Palettes: It offers 20 plus color palette for your images. Not only this, it also gives you freedom to customize it as you wish.
  3. Easy to use interface: The best part of this web tool is that its easy accessibility. You go upload your image on the web and it will automatically add color to the image. Its so convenient for users.
  4. Customization: This platform gives you option to tailor  the image with text. This allows you to add the caption to the image. This can include specific detail about the image for the better results.
  5. Picture Quality: You don’t have to worry about the picture quality when you are using this platform. It offers HD quality images and ensures that the color it added to the picture is sharp and detailed.
  6. Service Support: This web AI tool provides trustworthy service. The website do time-to-time QNA. With this they improve the working of the AI tool. Their technical support helps you whenever you have issues.

How does Palette FM Platform Works?

The working of the Palette FM is simple. You go on their  web page, there you upload the image to want to add colour to. After uploading the image processing start. This might sound long processes but its quick and easy. The AI tool analyses the image and gives detailed changes in colour of image.

  • Here AI identifies the various element of the image present in it. After this AI does the colour mapping of the image. Add colours to the element of the images according to the prior knowledge.
  • When colour is assigned, AI tool adds more filters to the image. So that it can look well defined and structured. At last the old colourless black and white picture turns into beautiful vibrant images.
  • This tool makes us value the colour. It makes us realize how important colour is for images. Colours are like emotion.

Palette FM Subscription Plan

Palette.FM website AI offers a lot of options for user which not to forget includes free plan. Let’s explore other plans of this web AI tool:

  • Free plan: I mean who doesn’t like free plan huh! This plan offers you to download HD image with maximin size of 500×500 pixels. Also, you can preview your image unlimited times.
  • Monthly plan: This plan is pocket friendly for users. You get 200 High Definition to download. You can cancel the plan whenever you wish to.
  • Single purchase: This plan prefers single payment. This is one-time purchase which is valid up to 2 years. Here you get 75 HD images for download. This plan includes limited ads.

Above mention options of plan may change by time. For more specific and exact detail you should visit the website.


Palette FM is the easiest way to change your old precious picture. I mean who doesn’t want to change their colourless picture into colourful picture. This platform is so interactive and simple it without effort attracts users. The best part is that you only have to upload the images which you wish to change. And leave it on this tool. Trust me this AI tool will not disappoint you .

Talking about the subscription plans of Palette website its not expensive. There’s plan which is free. What else you need! This platform is your go-to tool. Turn your old colourless boring pictures into colourful HD quality one.  


Q1. What is Pallete FM ?

Ans. Pallete FM is amazing web AI tool. On this web you can turn your old black and white picture with help of AI into colourful vibrant one.

Q2. Is website free ?

Ans. Yes, there is free plan for user by this platform.

Q3. Is costly ?

A- No, its not costly. this website offers pocket-friendly plans for the user.

Q4. Can we customize the colour of the image here?

A- Yes, It give freedom to customize the colour of the image.

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