MC Stan real name Altaf Shaikh

Hip-hop performer MC Stan is Indian Star. Altaf Shaikh or Altaf Tadavi is MC Stan real name. Altaf Shaikh is the birth name of MC Stan. MC Stan first rose to stardom with his debut rap song, “Wata,” which has received over 21 million YouTube views.

MC Stan Biography

On 30 August 1999, MC Stan was born. As of 2023, MC Stan is 24 years old. Virgo is MC Stan’s zodiac sign. Pune, Maharashtra, is where MC Stan is from. In the Pune suburb of Tadiwala Road, MC Stan was brought up. Despite the fact that not much has been discovered about Altaf Tadavi’s family, it is clear from his music that he loves his mother and is appreciative of them for supporting him through good and terrible times. Altaf is a self-employed Indian rapper. MC Stan is considered to be one among the most divisive rappers in the Indian hip-hop scene.

Altaf Tadavi is MC Stan real name

MC Stan Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

MC Stan stands at 173 centimeters, or 5 feet 8 inches, in height. MC Stan weighs about 55 kilograms and has body measurements of 32-24-10. MC Stan maintains a balanced diet to keep in shape. MC Stan’s eyes and hair are both a dark shade of black.

MC Stan Education

Rapper MC Stan, who is from Pune, began rapping while he was still a student. According interview he never attended College due to some personal reason or we can say he is trying to focus on his rapping career and it paid well. MC Stan began making music before finishing his studies. There are 2.81 Million subscribers to MC Stan’s YouTube account. MC Stan, also known as Altaf Shaikh, is a pioneer and an offshoot of Pune hip hop. MC Stan was raised in a low-income family but has achieved success as a rapper because of his commitment and hard work. Despite having a normal upbringing, MC Stan has created a remarkable existence for both himself as well as the community to which he connects to.

MC Stan Relationship Status

Niya can be seen in a few of MC Stan’s earlier music videos, speaking of the relationship. MC Stan girlfriend was Niya. Niya and MC Stan haven’t argued about their relationship at all. Niya is Mc Stan’s girlfriend. Additionally, Niya was a part of Mc Stan’s track “Khuja Mat.” Niya, a rapper from Pune, presently resides in Mumbai. Niya Surve is an Indian rapper, singer, composer, and businessperson. Niya’s better known by her performing name, “Niya Love.”

MC Stan Professional Career

Rapper MC Stan is well-known for dominating online communities with his amazing rhymes. MC Stan’s songs have a huge following. MC Stan will soon be appearing in movies as a performer. MC Stan’s distinctive rapping technique is expressed in Hindi. In addition to being a rapper from India, Mc Stan is a poet, music producer, composer & mix engineer. Rapper MC Stan stands out from the crowd because he uses a different musical genre and sings or raps in the Hindi language

MC Stan claims he is an artist who controls the mic rather than a rapper. According to MC Stan, he first became interested in the rap genre in the 6th grade. But at the moment MC Stan wasn’t fully comprehending English. After enrolling in English classes, MC Stan was able to understand English rap music. In eighth grade, MC Stan started to rap. 2018 saw the release of “Khuja Mat,” MC Stan’s diss song for Emiway Bantai, following the popularity of his song “Wata.” More than 35 million people have viewed MC Stan’s ‘Khuja Mat’ on YouTube.

Some people began making fun of MC Stan after the dropping of Wata and Khuja Mat, but after MC Stan released tracks like Astagfirrullah, many people began to support and comprehend MC Stan. MC Stan currently has a big fan base in India and Pakistan. MC Stan became India’s first independent artist to chart on Spotify’s Global Album lists. The Indian artist, MC Stan with the most Instagram engagements was the youngster who earlier had difficulty surviving and providing for his basic needs.

MC Stan completely turned around his rap music career with the release of ‘Khuja Mat’, a song that has amassed over thirty-five million views on YouTube. The rapper thinks that the release of the song Aastaghfirullah gave his supporters a chance to view him differently and helped transform the way people saw MC Stan. In his song “Proud,” Indian rapper Raftaar makes reference to MC Stan.

Altaf in Bigg Boss 16 as a Contestant

Salman Khan, the host of “Bigg Boss 16,” was fond of the rapper MC Stan who competed on the show. MC Stan was named the victor of the sixteenth season of Bigg Boss in the grand finale in 2023. Along with the prize money and trophy, MC Stan also won a car worth Rs. 31.80 lakhs.

Mc Stan in Bigg Boss 16 as a Contestant

MC Stan Controversy

MC Stan began dating rapper Auzma Shaikh in November 2021, however their relationship ended in 2022. Following their breakup, MC Stan posted Azuma’s home address on social media, which led to some of his supporters showing up outside her house and some of them threatening to rape her. Auzma posted MC Stan’s home address on social media as retaliation. According to reports, MC Stan sent his agent Vardhaman Mehta and two other guys to attack Azuma after she published his address. Azuma’s cheeks and nose were both damaged. Azuma made it to the police station somehow to complain about MC Stan, but they wouldn’t take her case. On March 3, 2022, Vardhaman Mehta, Aakash, and Sunny were the subjects of a FIR filed by Santacruz police; however, no one was detained. When asked whether MC Stan would be seeking a relationship in the 2022 television series Bigg Boss, MC Stan responded that he has a lover beyond the Bigg Boss house.

MC Stan Social Media

Given that he doesn’t follow anyone, Stan’s current Instagram following of more than 1.6 million users is astounding. More than 2.6 million people subscribe to him on YouTube.

MC Stan Net Worth

Because of his rap lyrics, opulent lifestyle, and jewelry, MC Stan is frequently mentioned in conversation. All of MC Stan’s lifestyles are many, according to MC Stan Net Worth 2023. MC Stan’s popularity isn’t any less, according to his net worth in 2023. MC Stan owns necklaces that are valued 70–80 lakhs. Additionally, the sneakers of MC Stan are worth 80,000 dollars. It’s significant that MC Stan, only 24 years old, has accomplished so much. Along with a well-known name and solid reputation, MC Stan’s ascent to prominence was accompanied by considerable fortune.

The rapper from Pune is rumored to have a net worth of at least 3 million dollars. MC Stan worked with Raftaar on the video, in addition to criticizing Emiway Bantai. Stan frequently refers to himself as a “Underground Artist” and has always sought to maintain a low profile. MC Stan is a rare example of a two-faced rap artist because he also makes his own tracks. Through the narrow alleyways of Tadiwala Road, where Stan spent his early years listening to Qawwali, he has come a long way. MC Stan started his rap career by uploading videos of himself rhyming to YouTube. MC Stan rapidly became a magical sensation and introduced his musical creations to the Indian public.

Trivia & Facts

  1. MC Stan was made fun of by Emiway Bantai while he was detained for legal reasons in the track “Samajh Mai Aaya Kya”.
  2. In reaction, MC Stan created the trash song “Khuja Mat” while he was in jail, as he stated in his song “Amin,” which depicted his difficult beginnings & how much he went through in order to reach where he’s at now.
  3. MC Stan’s older brother had taught him how to rap.
  4. Rappers like Eminem, 50 Cent and several others were among the artists MC Stan listened to.
  5. MC Stan even studied English to better understand the song lyrics.
  6. In one interview, MC Stan admitted to routinely using marijuana.
  7. Through his raps, MC Stan hopes to establish Hindi as a global language and become a successful international musician.
  8. MC Stan wants to collaborate with Lil Baby, an American performer.
  9. MC Stan, one of India’s most fashionable rappers, likes to play around with his appearance.
  10. MC Stan frequently changes his hairdo in new songs.
  11. With a massive “Hindi” chain, MC Stan upped the ante in the jewelry industry.
  12. In addition to his “Slime” and “Slatt” chains, MC Stan also sports a variety of other pieces of jewelry, but his “Hindi” chain and “Tiranga” ring are particularly symbolic of MC Stan’s love for India and its people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the age of MC Stan?

MC Stan real name, Altaf is currently 23 years old, and in August 2023, he will turn 24.

Q. What is the height of MC Stan?

MC Stan stands at 5 feet, 8 inches.

Q. How much money is MC Stan worth?

MC Stan’s estimated net worth is between 1 million and 5 million dollars.

Q. What year was MC Stan born?

August 30th, 1999 saw the birth of Stan.

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