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Carly Lawrence - Too Hot To Handle Celebrity


Carly Lawrence is a famous model who is known for her work as a social media star. She likes to call herself a model, dancer, television personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. She is known for taking part in the famous reality show named, “Too Hot to Handle”. With the help of reality shows, OnlyFans and Instagram she has become a very famous name. It has indeed helped Lawrence to become stable in life. She does charge USD 9.9 a month for seeing her exclusive pictures and videos on OnlyFans. For even more exclusive pictures, one can give her tips so she can send you private messages. Those massages would have some of her hottest work.

Carly Lawrence Biography

Carly Lawrence was born on May 30, 1997, in Toronto, Canada, making her 25 years old as of now 2023. Hence, she represents Canadian nationality and her zodiac sign, is Gemini. She does represent white ethnicity and does follow the Christian religion. Carly is a famous Canadian model, who has now become a known reality television star, a social media star, actress, dancer and entrepreneur. After taking part in, “Too Hot to Handle”, she has become one of the most famous names out there. The show, which was aired in 2021, did make her famous around the world.

Carly Lawrence
Carly Lawrence

In a way, it did start her career as a model, where she did take the help of OnlyFans to become famous and rich also. As for models, it has become another way of earning money, which Carly has taken in from both of her hands.

Carly Lawrence Physical Stats

Carly Lawrence is a model, so looks are just synonyms for her. The “Too Hot To Handle” sensation, Carly height is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Being a model, she stays super fit and does exercise every day. Hence, she does weigh around 64 kg mostly. Carly has hazel eyes and brown hair.

But she likes to make her hair blonde also. After the “Too Hot To Handle season”, which happened back in 2021, Carly did a lot of cosmetic surgeries to make her look better. In a way, it does help her to sell things on social media. She has made tattoos on her hands and left upper leg.

Early Life Of Carly Lawrence

Carly Lawrence was born on 30th May 1997. She was born in Toronto, Canada, and is of Irish and English Heritage. Lawrence had been passionate about modelling from a young age, and she started while she was attending high school. So far, Lawrence has appeared in campaigns for several notable brands like Sherri Hill, Jaclyn Cosmetics, Hayley Elsaesser, and more. In November 2021, she posted a picture where she was sponsored by the brand, “Pretty Little Thing”.

“My parents were not super rich. But we did live a good life for which we are very proud of,” she said.

Carly Lawrence Family

Kathy Lawrence is the name of her mother and Trevor Lawrence is her father. She is the only child of her parents. Hence, she does not have any siblings. However, the parents of Carly Lawrence did part ways when she was very young. It did see her mother moving with another man. Hence, Carly did live with her stepfather when she was growing up. This is why she does have a deeper relationship with her stepfather also. Carly feels that her family does not have problems seeing her on OnlyFans.

“My parents chill and they do not have any problem with me on Instagram,” she said of her family’s take on the OnlyFans account.

Lawrence Journey On “To Hot To Handle”

Carly Lawrence appeared on the second season of the show, “To Hot To Handle” alongside other popular contestants like Marvin Anthony and Cam Holmes. Her quirky personality and defiance towards following rules quickly made her a noticeable contestant in the show, and she was also quoted saying that she was not a part of the show to fall in love with anyone or be in a relationship. However, despite what was seen about her early on, Carly quickly became a fan favorite by embracing the things the show has to offer and also by standing up for herself whenever necessary.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2
Too Hot To Handle Season 2

During her first appearance in the show, Carly revealed that she was a fun-loving person and also had a lot of piercings, like her tongue and several ear piercings, many of which she claimed to have done on her own. She also revealed having self-esteem issues, which made it difficult for her to open to others about herself. A lot of people liked her in the show, but she specifically had eyes for Chase.

Carly Lawrence Husband & Love Life

During her time in ‘Too Hot To Handle’ show, she got into a brief relationship with fellow contestant Chase de Moor, but later on, she developed an interest in another contestant. The show’s publicity and widespread viewership helped Carly gain a lot of recognition and skyrocketed her social media following. After winning the hearts of audience members, she came third in the finals. In 2022, Carly Lawrence got married to Bennett Sipes of Love Island fame.

Her Husband Bennett Sipes of Love Island fame

Not much is known about her family. She has several social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok, but she is most active on Instagram, regularly posting cute pictures of herself with friends and her husband. She did share the images of her being married with her fans on social media. Even her husband does not have any problem with her being on OnlyFans.

Lawrence’s Professional Career

Carly Lawrence did rise to fame after becoming a part of the famous reality show named, “Too Hot To Handle”. She did participate in 2021. She did make a huge name on the show and came third behind Marvin Anthony, who won the show and Cam Holmes, who came second.

She did complete all of the 10 shows but she did not manage to find the love she was looking for in the manner Carly looked. However, it did make her famous as the show is popular around the world and people are mad to see this. It was mostly shown on Netflix. The show started on 23 June to 30 June 2021.

Carly Lawrence
Lawrence Journey On “To Hot To Handle”

She now makes her t-shirts and hoodies, and she does like to post these tees and sell them. Mostly her fans do buy them. SUTHERLAND AND CO is her brand. Here fans of Carly can get T-shirts and most of all Branded products. They do ship worldwide.

She has made a huge name on OnlyFans, which is a world-famous adult website/application. And it has helped her to rise to fame very well and make her financially stable also.

Carly Lawrence Being on OnlyFans

Carly Lawrence is on OnlyFans. For a month, it does cost 9.99 USD to enter her profile and start seeing her exclusive images and videos. She has a three-month plan. She does charge $25.47 total for that. Her six-month plan does have 20 percent off. It means one has to pay $47.95 in total.

She does post a good number of images and videos over there. However, she does see her premium exclusive images and videos on personal chat for the extra tip of 20 USD or more. Hence, it is the reason there are many nudes and leaked videos and images of her on the internet despite she has written on her bio that it can lead to some legal actions. Her OnlyFans link is here.

She has made this OnlyFans account as it does help her to earn money, so there can be a balance in life. However, it has changed kind of her profile. Now she is been seen as a model who does more adult work. It has its negatives and positives. As being on OnlyFans is not good in many eyes. However, others are fine with it. And it feels Carly has chosen this way of living.

Carly Lawrence Social Media

Carly Lawrence is a huge face on social media. Having over 1.1M followers do talk a lot about her fame on Instagram. Similarly, she has a famous account on TikTok. Carly does have 13.6K Followers on Twitter. She joined Twitter in December 2023. Her YouTube channel has 14.5K subscribers. But she is not too active on YouTube.

Lawrence Social Media
Lawrence Social Media

One can find her on Venmo and other social media networks. With the help of her appearance in Too Hot To Handle show, she has managed to make a mega profile. It does help her to become more popular and earn money also from multiple ways.

Carly Lawrence Net Worth

Carly Lawrence has a net worth of USD 1.4 million as of 2023. She has gained all the money after being on the Too Hot To Handle reality television show. Carly has helped her to become famous around the world. She has now a mega collection of luxury bags. She has a huge love of Balmain B Army Bags. Carly owns one Mercedes E class, which she did buy in late 2021. A huge portion of Carly’s money comes from OnlyFans and it does help her out to take good sums every month from her OnlyFans account. Other than that, she keeps on doing modelling projects and all.  

Lawrence’s Hobbies and Trivia

  • Carly Lawrence’s hobbies are dancing, modelling, swimming and travelling.
  • She does like to hang out with her fans.
  • Carly does not smoke at all.
  • Carly does like to have wine and beer.
  • She likes to travel to Europe and Dubai mostly.
  • Carly does not like Bollywood movies that much. But she does like Hollywood movies.
  • She is famous for coming third in Too Hot To Handle season 2 which did stream on Netflix back in 2021.
  • Pink and blue are beloved colours of Carly.
  • She does like pop music and hip hop.
  • Carly is a mega fan of NBA and NHL games.
  • Carly wanted to become a model from the age 8.
  • She does know how to drive a car.
  • Carly did like to watch WWE when she was growing up.
  • Carly was born in Toronto.
  • She is 25 years old.


Q Are Carly and Joey still together Instagram?

Carly and Joey are not together anymore on Instagram as she has said she is done with Joey back in 2021.

Q Did Carly Lawrence get married?

Carly Lawrence is married to Bennett Sipes.

Q Is Carly Lawrence on OnlyFans?

Yes, Carly is on OnlyFans.

Q How old is Carly Lawrence?

Carly is 25 years old. She was born on May 30, 1997.

Q What is the birthplace of Carly Lawrence?

Carly has Toronto, Canada, as her birthplace.

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