Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan)

Historia Reiss

A fictitious character named Historia Reiss appears in Hajime Isayama’s “Attack on Titan” manga and anime series.

She belongs to the Survey Corps, a military force entrusted with researching the world and defending people from Titans, enormous humanoids that devour people for no apparent reason.

It is revealed that Historia is surname really Reiss, making her the adopted daughter of Rod Reiss, the genuine lord of the walls where humanity dwells. She was born in hiding under the name “Christa Lenz” in order to avoid political unrest, but as she grows older, she embraces her true identity as Historia and plays a crucial role in the story.

Historia Reiss
Historia Reiss

She is renowned for having a good heart, being tenacious, and being willing to give up her own interests for the benefit of others. The main theme of Historia’s “Attack on Titan” character arc is her quest to discover who she really is and her role in the world. She is initially portrayed as a docile, subservient girl who lacks self-assurance. However, as the plot develops, she starts to express herself more and develops into a strong and significant character in the series.

When it is discovered that Historia holds the fabled power known as the Founding Titan, which enables its possessor to command all Eldians—the race of people who can transform into Titans—memories and acts, the significance of Historia in the narrative is made even more clear. With this ability, Historia attracts the attention of other groups who want to utilize her for their own ends. Her own father is one of these groups and wants to use her as a means of regaining the power of the Founding Titan for himself.

Historia Reiss Personality Throughout the Series

Throughout the entire series, Historia Reiss exhibits the kind and sympathetic character traits for which she is renowned. She consistently puts herself in danger to aid others in need, demonstrating a sincere concern for their welfare.

She becomes a beloved character in the series due to her altruistic deeds of generosity and empathy for others. A person who fights with her own identity and emotions of worthlessness, Historia is also portrayed in the novel.

Historia Personality

She was made to conceal her true identity and live as Christa Lenz because she was the fatherless daughter of the real king of the walls. She became insecure as a result, and she wanted to be loved and accepted by other people.

In the course of the series, Historia gradually accepts her actual self and grows more self-assured. She starts to take charge and grow more autonomous, demonstrating a resolve and fortitude that make her a potentally.

Historia is kind and polite, yet she will battle for the greater good and stand up for her convictions. She is prepared to give up everything and risk her safety to defend those she cares about, which makes her a deadly foe to her adversaries. Overall, Historia Reiss is a dynamic and nuanced character that personifies courage, kindness, and empathy.

Historia Reiss Appearance In Overall Series

Historia Reiss has blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. She is frequently pictured wearing a white dress or her military uniform.

Historia’s look changes once she joins the Survey Corps to represent her newfound confidence and assertiveness. She starts to wear her hair in more practical styles and changes her outfit to be more functional.

Historia’s look varies significantly during the narrative to represent her growth as a character. She is initially shown as a petite, frail-looking girl with a small physique and a sweet demeanor. But as the narrative develops and she starts to express herself more, so does the way she looks. Historia changes her appearance and cuts her hair short after joining the Survey Corps.

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

She frequently appears donning a green Survey Corps outfit, emphasizing her fortitude and sturdiness. Her expressions change to reflect her increased feeling of purpose and conviction, with her eyes growing fiercer and more determined.

In the course of the narrative, Historia undergoes yet another physical transformation as she ascends to the position of queen of the Walls. She emphasizes her position of power and control by donning a regal white dress and a chic updo in her hair.

Historia Abilities In Attack on Titan

  • Historia Reiss, one of the Nine Titans who wields the power of the Founding Titan in “Attack on Titan,” possesses the strength, endurance, and regenerative powers of the Founding Titan.
  • All Eldians, the race of people that may transform into Titans, are subject to the unique control of the Founding Titan, who can influence their memories and behaviour.
  • Historia has the power to alter and even totally erase someone’s memories when they have Eldian blood. Additionally, she has the ability to manipulate Titans with this power, commanding them to attack or defend or even turn regular people into Titans.

Historia’s inexperience and incomplete knowledge of the Founding Titan’s capabilities, however, limit her ability to manage its strength. Using this power puts a great deal of physical and emotional strain on her, and repeated use might result in unconsciousness or even death. Despite these drawbacks, Historia is a vital asset to those who want to manage or eradicate the Titans because she is in possession of the Founding Titan. Her character story is strongly connected to the mysteries and tensions surrounding the Titans and the walls that defend humanity, and her strength plays a crucial role in the series’ later plot twists.

Historia Past And Her Life

  • Historia was raised in an affluent and influential household, but due to her illegitimacy, she was kept out of sight. Her mother, who blamed Historia for ruining her life by being born outside of marriage, also physically beat her.
  • Historia went by the alias Krista Lenz when she enlisted in the 104th Training Corps in order to conceal her true identity. She was initially portrayed as a timid and reserved young woman who often placed others before herself. But as the plot developed, it became clear that she had a richer past and a more nuanced personality.
  • Historia’s confidence and assertiveness increased as her true identity was made known. She joined the Survey Corps and quickly rose to prominence on the group. She was also instrumental in revealing the truth about the Titans and the mysteries surrounding the Walls. After the previous monarch was assassinated later in the story, Historia assumed control of the Walls. She became more involved in the governance of the populace and strove to establish a society free from the oppression of the state and the corrupt ruling class.
  • As the narrative goes on, Historia’s past haunts her more and more, forcing her to face her traumatic recollections and the truth about her family. She discovers that her father, Rod Reiss, was complicit in a plot to obfuscate the public’s knowledge of the Titans and the Walls’ past. In addition, she discovers that her mother’s abuse of Historia was part of a scheme to keep her from being exposed to the public. Despite these discoveries, Historia is still dedicated to building a brighter future for Walls residents.
Attack on Titan 4
Attack on Titan 4
  • Her leadership and bravery serve as an inspiration to others to fight for their freedom and survival. She plays a significant role in the conflict with the Titans and the corrupt ruling class. In the end, Historia becomes one of the most significant characters in the narrative, and her transformation from a timid and shy kid to a strong and caring leader is one of the series’ most engaging arcs. Her past is filled with suffering, tragedy, and betrayal, but she never loses up on her fight for freedom and justice, and her legacy endures long after the book’s conclusion.


Historia Reiss does look like a cute girl who does have huge eyes that does make her look as if she is one of the cutest anime characters ever. Her blonde and yellow hair gives her a touch that does make an impact in the very best way. And her sky blue eyes make the look even better. Her skin is white in colour and she does wear shirts and dresses. She does look great in cute hats too and one can see her seeing in the anime itself. She does look great in every seance which makes her look creative at her best.  


In conclusion, the manga and anime series “Attack on Titan” features Historia Reiss, an intriguing and complicated character. Despite having a painful, traumatic, and betrayed history, she never loses up on her fight for freedom and justice. She is raised in secrecy and is subjected to severe torture by her mother as the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss, the real lord of the Walls. She does, however, grow more forceful and self-assured as her identity is made clear. She enlists in the Survey Corps, develops into a valuable team member, and aids in the discovery of the Walls’ mysteries and the Titans’ actual nature. As the queen of the Walls later in the book, Historia strives to establish a civilization free from the tyranny of the state and the corrupt ruling class. Her legacy endures long after the drama has ended because of the way she led and fought for others’ freedom and survival. Overall, Historia Reiss is a strong and distinctive figure who exemplifies the human spirit’s resiliency in the face of difficulty.

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