Michael Tell – Patty Duke 2nd Ex-Husband Biography

Michael Tell

Michael Tell is a well-known name in the entertainment industry of Hollywood. Despite achieving great things in his career, Michael has an image of being the ex-husband of famous actress Patty Duke, who did pass away on 29 March 2016 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, United States.

Michael was Duke’s second husband out of four. As she was a very famous American actress, it did make Michael still famous to talk about. Hence, the reason many people do search about Patty Duke ex-husband than Michael. So let us take a look at the biography of a well-respected name in the entertainment industry.

Michael Tell Biography

Michael Tell is a well-respected person coming from American entertainment industry. The ex-husband of late Patty Duke was born somewhere in 1970s as he likes to stay grounded and not tell much info about him. He has not shared his date of birth with his fans and he not even made a Wikipedia page unlike many other celebs. Even the birthplace of Michael is unknown. What makes Michael famous is the fact he stayed as the husband of Duke for just 13 days.

Michael Tell

Michael Tell Age

He was born around in 1970s in the United States of America and holds a US passport. There is no valid sources for Michael Tell’s age, but we can assume he is around 70 years old. The ethnicity of Michael is white.

Michael Tell’s Physical Stats

  • Michael Tell’s height stands for 5 feet and 10 inches tall, which is also known as 178 cm.
  • He does weight around 70 kg.
  • Michael’s has black hair and brown eyes.
  • He did not do any cosmetic surgeries in his career.
  • Michael has not put a tattoo on his body.
  • The shoe size of Michael is 9 (US).

Michael Tell’s Education

Michael did study in the United States. But he has not shared an information about the names of schools and university he went to. But all world knows that Michael is a well-educated and articulated person.

Michael Tell’s Family Members

Michael is a very introvert kind of a person. Even, he has not told anything about his siblings also. But one thing is clear that Michael did have a decent childhood. Once he said in an interview that the father of Michael has played a mega role in shaping his career and he has been a great inspiration. Unfortunately the father and mother of Michael are not in this world anymore, passed away.

Reason behind Michael Tell Marriage To Patty Duke Ended in 13 days

After 2 years of dating, the pair of Michael and Patty exchanged their wedding vows on June 26, 1970. But after 13 days, they ended their marriage because Patty Duke was experiencing the manic phase of her bipolar disorder and it went unnoticed until 1982.

Also, before the wedding, Patty discovered she was pregnant and wanted to name the baby after her father, but the marriage only lasted 13 days. Later on February 25, 1971, Patty’s son Sean Astin was born.

Patty Duke Was Married Four Times in her Life

Michael Tell is famous for marrying late Hollywood actress named Patty Duke. However, this marriage did last for just 13 days. Before marrying Michael, Patty was married to Harry Falk from 1965 to 1970.

In 1970, she did marry Michael but it was a very short marriage. After two years, Patty Duke moved in with John Astin and her 3rd marriage did last for 13 years as they did take divorce in 1985.

Two years later in 1986, Michael Pearce did marry Patty. They did not part ways, but in 2016 Patty Duke left the world at the age of 69 and hence, her 4th relationship did come to an end.

Patty Duke 1st HusbandHarry Falk (1965-1970)
Patty Duke 2nd HusbandMichael Tell (1970-1970)
Patty Duke 3rd HusbandJohn Astin (1972-1985)
Patty Duke 4th HusbandMichael Pearce (1986-2016)

Michael Tell and Patty Duke Childrens

In Patty life she had three children Sean Astin, Mackenzie Astin and Kevin Pearce. Sean Astin and Mackenzie Astin are John Astin children and Kevin is Michael Pearce’s child.

It is also the reason that Michael is the stepfather of three children and but he does not have any one his own child. As of the records on internet, Michael did not marry after parting ways with his one and only wife in 1970s.

Michael Tell’s Professional Career

Michael Tell is a very well-respected name in the entertainment industry of the United States. He was a very known name back in 1970s, 80s and 90s. He did start the career as the rock music promoter. He did work in the music and TV show business for a long time.

Michael did take retirement from work in 2010. In his career, he has played a huge role to promote rock music the most. It is the reason people did like the contribution of Michael in Hollywood. He came with kind of an unknown name and did a huge job overall.

Michael’s Social Media

Michael is not active on social media. He is an old fashion person who likes to stay far away from the world of social media.

Michael Tell Net Worth

As of 2023, Michael has a net worth of USD 3 million. He has gained all of this money from his time in the entertainment industry. In the course if his career, he did have many Marcedes cars. But Michael did not fancy major fashion brands.

Michael Trivia & Facts

  • Michael Tell’s likes to spend time with his friends and watch movies.
  • Michael also likes to travel a lot.
  • White and black are his two beloved colors.
  • He follows the Christian religion.
  • Michael is known for marrying Patty Duke.
  • Ali Astin, Elizabeth Louise Astin and Isabella Louise Astin are his step grandchildren.
  • Michael knows how to drive a car and motorbike.
  • He does smoke and drink.
  • Michael is a fan of old or retro Hollywood movies.
  • Michael likes to swim a lot.
  • He even knows how to ride horses.


Q. Who is Michael Tell?

He is a retired professional who comes from Hollywood’s entertainment industry.

Q. Who is Michael Tell’s wife?

Late Hollywood actress Patty Duke is the ex-wife of Michael.

Q. Who was Patty Duke’s husband?

Patty Duke has 4 husbands in her life  –  Harry Falk, Michael Tell, John Astin and Michael Pearce.

Q. How many times was Patty Duke married?

Patty Duke married 4 times in her life to Harry Falk, Michael, John Astin and Michael Pearce.

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