Jobfayer com: A Comprehensive Guide And Reviews

Jobfayer com

In this article, we are going to talk about one a website. People on internet asking whether this site is real or fake? The website name is Jobfayer. This websites URL is Jobfayer com. People are curious about this site. So, if you also want to know about this popular site site then you are at right page.

This article is going to be very beneficial for you. So let us know about Jobfayer Site. Stay tuned till the end of the article.

What is Jobfayer com?

Jobfayer com is websites which claims to provide an online typing job. You must have seen an ad about Jobfayer service. They also claim that you can earn thousands of rupees just by typing. But this article is not going to about just their service. This article will try to answers all you question. The purpose of this article is to find out whether this site is reliable or not. Cyber scamming is happening very often nowadays. We all should be precautious before visiting unauthorised websites.

One thing we would like to clear that through this article we are not encouraging readers. This article just for knowledge and information. Don’t fall  into trap of site , you are not sure about.

Jobfayer com Real or Fake ?

Jobfayer has not even a good review from its users. Things we not notice before apply for jobs on these websites. Let’s see suspicious things about Jobfayer:

  • Launch Date : when you will visit you will see the registration date.There it says website was created in 2023. That’s all information about website give. No information its owners present on the site.
  • Offers : Jobfayer com offers moneymaking plans for users. You know what this is what scam looks like. Scammer sites use this trick to attract people. Some people actually get tempted and fall into the trap. One thing we should always to before working with any company. We should do little research on the internet. Like Is Jobfayer real? Review of Jobfayer and more.
  • Support service: Jobfayer support service is bad. The reviews of people who will read indicates it as red flag. I mean you can only contact them via email or phone number. According to people its one-way contact. If you send them message its not clear that they will get back to you. Many have complaint that there’s no response from website.
  • Social Handles: these days very websites attach their social media handle on their web pages. But Jobfayer has not attach its social handles. Its very suspicious because not enough information related to Jobfayer given on website.
  • Authorisation : On website of Jobfayer there’s no information of website official registration. This shows that there’s no transparency.
  • Owner Details: Jobfayer can be fake website because owner details are missing. When you will visit website or research about it , you will find nothing related to owners. That’s one of the biggest red flags about website.

These are points that proofs that Jobfayer is not reliable website. People should avoid such website. These types of sites trick people to fall into the trap. And then people get tempt and get scammed.

Jobfayer Review

When you go online and research about Jobfayer, the reviews are bad. I mean you won’t find even one good review about this site. People says that they ask money for document verification. When you pay, they will never get back to you. Many have complaint that they worked for companies and never got paid. And these reviews are not from one or two people. Bunch of people has same experience with Jobfayer. This shows that this website is a total scam. When you go on website the before URL you will see it says ‘Not Secure’. Its not safe at all to use this website for job purpose. There’s high chance of getting scammed.


After analysis , Jobfayer com is not a safe website to use. There’s no transparency in the website. No information of owners or authorisation available on the website. A lot of people got scammed. Overall, not at all recommended to use. Stay away from such website. Through this article we hope, you got your answers.


Q1. Is Jobfayer real or  fake?

A- Jobfayer is not reliable website. People should avoid such website. These types of sites trick people to fall into the trap. And then people get tempt and get scammed.

Q2. Who is owner of Jobfayer?

A- there’s no information available about the owners of Jobfayer.

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