Gelila Assefa – Wolfgang Puck Wife Biography, Age, Charity, Net Worth and Much More.

Gelila Assefa - Wolfgang Puck Wife Biography


Gelila Assefa is an Ethiopian fashion designer and philanthropist, who is known as the founder of the Dream For Future Africa Foundation, which is dedicated to providing opportunity and equity for those most in need in Africa. However, Gelila is probably best known to the world as the wife of the famous Austrian-American chef Wolfgang Puck.

Being a famous celebrity wife as being the better half of Wolfgang Puck, who is a famous Austrian-American chef, the fame does allow Gelila to make an impact. The pair has been together since 2007 and it has helped her to do charity and become a name that the world does admire. She is known for helping children who are battling HIV. She has helped them (children) to get an education also.

Gelila Assefa Biography

Gelila Assefa was born in Addis Ababa in 1970 on 20 October, and there she was raised and went to school. As of 2023 Gelila age is 52 years. There is little information about Gelila’s childhood, except that her father was a businessman, and her mother a stewardess on Ethiopian Airlines – apparently chosen by Heile Selassie for her looks and communicative abilities. Birthday 20 October makes Libra her zodiac sign.

Gelila Assefa with Husband chef Wolfgang Puck
Gelila Assefa with Husband chef Wolfgang Puck

She was born in Ethiopia but now has American and Australian nationality through her husband. She is known for her NGOs, where her main focus is towards helping HIV-hit children in Africa and it has helped many children to have a good life. She comes from African ethnicity and does follow the Christian religion. The world knows Gelila Assefa as the wife of world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck.

Gelila Assefa Height, Weight and Body Stats

Gelila Assefa has a height of 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She is an extremely fitness-conscious lady. This is what makes her around the weight of 56 kg. She has dark brown eyes and hair. She does wear medium to large dresses and her body measurements are 34-26-34 inches. The feet size of Gelila 7 (US). She has not made tattoos. Even there is no update on her doing cosmetic surgery.

Taking to our team she said: “I do always tell young kids that staying fit is what a human should do for keep on growing and staying fit at the level that we don’t need major health problems.”

Gelila Assefa Parents and Siblings

Gelila Assefa has not shared the names of her parents and siblings. But she told us that her father was a businessman. Her mother worked as a stewardess. But Gelila has told us that connection with her father is very strong and he always have had helped her to out to make a good career.

“My father is a hero for me as the way he has helped me out in every step of my life is just incredible. In fact, he is the one who has given me the biggest eye to make an impact in a career,” she said.   

Gelila Family
Gelila Family

Gelila Assefa Professional Career

There is much information about Gelila’s career; she has her own handbag line and has also launched a couture gowns line. This has increased her wealth to the point where in recent years, she has become more focused on philanthropy. She has founded Dream For Future Africa Foundation, and she also serves on the board of the Ethiopian Children’s Fund.

To speak further of her accomplishments, Gelila has been honored for her philanthropic work by Essence Magazine, BMW, and VERTU, and also received the 2009 Champion of Children Award from the Children’s Institute of Los Angeles, where she serves on the Board of Trustees.

“I think it is crucial nowadays to help as much as you can as it does help people to make an impact which leads to create great things for those who do need the help in life,” she said.

Married Life of Gelila Assefa with chef Wolfgang Puck

Gelila and Wolfgang subsequently tied the knot on the 7th of July 2007 on a hillside above the Grand Hotel Quisisana in Capri, Italy. It was an evening filled with so many stars and known names. J. Mendel gown was wore by Gelila. Christian Louboutin custom-designed her footwear.

Since the marriage, Gelila has become a stepmother to Wolfgang’s children from his previous marriage, while the two also welcomed children of their own, sons Oliver and Alexander Puck. Cameron Puck and Byron Puck are stepchildren of Gelila. They are the children of Barbara Lazaroff, who is the ex-wife of Wolfgang Puck. She has taken care of her children very well and has made the life of her husband even better.

Married Life with chef Wolfgang Puck
Married Life of Assefa’s with chef Wolfgang Puck

“I do say that I am blessed to have four children, not two. They all are equal to me. And just like my husband, I do love them a lot,” she said about her family.  

Gelila and Wolfgang met back in the late 90s when Gelila was studying fashion at Trade-Tech College, and following his divorce from his first wife, Barbara Lazaroff, with whom he was married from 1983 until 2003. Gradually their relationship grew, and after two years, Wolfgang proposed to Gelila, and the couple became engaged.

Keen Eye for Chairty and Donation to Help People Needs in Africa

Gelila Assefa comes from Eutopia, a nation where there is a need for help and a lot of money. Hence, Gelila now gives her to help women and children in Africa to grow better. She is known for being a Creative Director and award-winning philanthropist. The world knows her for helping children in need and women who are facing HIV problems. Her work in the sector of education is also huge. It did lead her to find the Dream for Africa Foundation, back in 2010.

It does help women and children in Africa with basic needs. It does have the aim to help those who do the hard work, so they can stand on their own two feet. The short form of her foundation is DFFAF. It does help children to get a basic education, so they can dream of becoming something. Not just that, it does provide them with good food to eat.

Gelila’s Social Media

Gelila Assefa does have 13.6K followers on Instagram. Here one can see her love for fashion and how she uses the tool to make her business grow, so it can help other children to have a good life. Even she is very active on LinkedIn. Her main focus on social media is to grow her business and spread the word about helping children in Africa who do need help. It is the main reason behind her using social media. Otherwise, she is a kind of a personality who likes to do work from behind and does not talk much about it.

Gelila's Social Media
Gelila’s Social Media

Gelila Assefa Net Worth

Gelila Assefa has a net worth of USD 7 million as of 2023. Her husband Wolfgang Puck has a net worth of USD 92 million. He is a very rich person and one of the richest celeb chefs ever. Gelila has earned money from her businesses and good backing from her husband. They do a lot of charity work and most of the focus they do is in the African continent. It does help Gelila to help many people in Africa and does help to follow things ahead. She also loves to spend money on luxury goods like cars, begs etc.

Hobbies and Trivia

  • Gelila Assefa does like to read books, travel around the world and help people who are in need.
  • Gelila does know to cook.
  • She does know how to drive a car.
  • Gelila does not smoke but drinks wine and all.
  • Gelila does like the LV brand the most.
  • She is not keen on watching movies and all.
  • Gelila is not a huge sports fan also.
  • Gelila is known as the wife of Wolfgang Puck. They did marry in 2007.
  • She does like the blue colour the most.
  • Gelila is an award-winning philanthropist.
  • She is known for her work as an advocate for children and women who do face HIV problems.
  • She did like to watch local shows while growing up in Africa.
  • Gelila does have a net worth of USD 7 million as of 2023.


Q Who is Gelila Assefa?

Gelila Assefa is a famous fashion designer and a huge philanthropist, for which she has won many awards.

Q Who is Wolfgang Puck’s wife?

Gelila Assefa is the current wife of Wolfgang Puck, who was married twice before.

Q How old is Wolfgang’s wife?

Wolfgang Puck’s wife Gelila is 52 years old.

Q Is Wolfgang Puck still married?

Yes, Wolfgang Puck is still married and Gelila Assefa is her wife since 2007.

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