Add an edge to your lighting layout with these stunning lighting ideas


It is quite natural and normal that you would get a little bored with your lighting layout or your decor after a while. It is important to keep spicing up things so that your decor doesn’t lose that touch. It is important to make sure your decor is keeping up with the times, too, as uninteresting and outdated decor grabs the attention, but in all the wrong ways. Lighting is an essential part of your home and gives your home perfect illumination, and that is why it becomes crucial to choose the right designs and fixtures for your decor. 

Here is a well-curated list of lighting ideas that would change the face of your home quite effortlessly and bridge the gap to your dream decor. Take a look at everything we have for you and give your home just the touch it deserves. 

A larger-than-life living room

A living room is one of the most, if not the most, important spaces of your home. And this is the place where you end up spending a lot of your time. Now, before going to the lighting designs, it is essential to figure out the purpose of the space first. And considering a modern-day living room, it is a multipurpose space that is used for anything and everything since people have started spending more time indoors. 

You could go with a layered lighting concept here as it would not only add a next-level vibe to your space but make it functional for whatever reason you need it to be. Start with ambient lighting, as it lays the foundation of the layered lighting layout and sets the tone for the rest of your space. A table lamp, floor lamp or a dimmable chandelier would be perfect for the job.

Set a statement in your dining room

The dining room is the heart of the home, and it deserves to be adorned accordingly. There are many trends and techniques taking over the design space, and some of them are definitely attention-worthy. When we say, set a statement, you could go for one statement lighting design or go for a themed dining space where every tiny detail complements each other. 

When it comes to setting a theme, a monochrome decor is what would be perfect for your dining space. Choose the colour of the decor elements and the lighting designs carefully, and if you end up matching them all, it will truly be a sight to behold. And if you’re planning to set a statement for the space, a pendant light is technically the best choice for your space. A pendant light is an exceptional addition to your space, as it accentuates the aesthetic value along with the functionality quotient. 

There are many more ways and many more designs that you can use for the other spaces of your home and at the end it’s all about what suits your gorgeous abode the best.