It is mostly normal for working people to sit before the computer and start slouching within a few minutes. It leads to shoulder hunching, backaches, and whatnot. This is a common sight; many people have started enquiring about the advantages of a standing desk and how it will alleviate their pain. Social media has been flooded with videos and pictures of employees taking their workplaces to the next level with such trendy office furniture that can improve your life and lifestyle in one go. A new report has stated a boost in demand for these desks

It is as simple as it sounds in your head.These desks, also called stand-up desks or sit stand desk, allow you to stand and work comfortably. Sitting for too long is undoubtedly a health hazard. And, with more companies shifting to the work-from-home model, a considerable number of people are unknowingly spending endless hours sitting before their laptops on their beds or chairs. Many of these desks are adjustable, so you can alter their height and choose between sitting and standing. The incorporation of these desks is still in its early stages. However, it is soon to be introduced in many offices. 

These desks not only reduce sitting hours but also offer different benefits. Let’s look at them. 

Lessens the Probability of Weight Gain and Obesity

Weight gain is a direct result of accumulating more calories than you burn. Though exercise is considered the most effective process of burning calories, opting for standing rather than sitting greatly matters. When an afternoon of inactive work was compared to standing throughout a similar time, it was shown to burn over 170 additional calories. Sitting for too long does lead to obesity and metabolic disease.

Might Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

The more the blood sugar level surges post meals, the worse it will be for your health. This is more problematic for people experiencing insulin resistance or Type 2 diabetes. In a study conducted on ten office employees, standing for around 180 minutes post lunch lessened their blood sugar levels by up to 43% compared to sitting for a similar duration. Therefore, working on this desk will be fruitful for diabetes-prone people. 

Might Lower the Risk of Heart Disease 

In 1953, it was learned that standing leads to a healthy heart. This was noticed in the study on bus conductors who stood most of the day and experienced a lesser risk of heart disease. Sitting for a prolonged period leads to risking heart health. Since most employees spend the maximum hours sitting, opting for a standing desk at work will reduce the risk. 

Seems to Reduce Back Pain

Numerous studies have been conducted to check if employees could benefit from these desks, and they can. Around 32% of people have experienced an improvement in their back pain after practising working on these erected desks.  

Might Boost Mood and Energy Levels

According to a 7-week study, participants using these desks experienced reduced stress and fatigue compared to the ones who remained slouching throughout their working hours. More people have stated to experience boosted vigour and energy throughout the day. 

Standing workstations can be some of the most thoughtful purchases, especially if you are a working professional. The best decision is to opt for adjustable ones to have the option to sit anytime you want. They are undoubtedly one of the best investments.