An average day in the life of a salon owner or manager makes them appear no less than a juggler. They find themselves constantly on their toes, overseeing complex set of operations, which must be executed flawlessly. With so much on their plate, it is imperative that they create and implement a highly efficient working plan, and it is a part of this plan that more and more salon managers are relying on hair salon online appointment booking software to run their administrative processes. From handling complex operations such as scheduling appointments and managing inventory to driving your marketing and client loyalty programs, a hair salon online booking software can easily run the entire gamut of administrative processes both efficiently and accurately. So, if you’re still new to the world of salon technology keep reading to know how online hair appointment booking software benefits your business.

 Convenient Appointments & Confirmations

People today, are busier than ever and the last thing they wish to indulge in is a process which goes back and forth. An online appointment scheduling system makes the process of booking an appointment simple, and swift. The online hair salon appointment booking system, fully integrates itself with website, social media pages, e-commerce platforms and the mobile app to allow guests to book appointments anytime anywhere and get instantaneous confirmation. What is ever better that some software such as the one from Zenoti comes with advanced features, which not only allow you accept bookings based on the availability of the provider but also create work schedules for your team. Infact, the software also takes care of the last minute requirements by offering to put clients on the waitlist such that if a slot opens up either due to cancellation or rescheduling, they are immediately informed. 

Reduced No Shows and Cancellations

Remember the frustration because a client didn’t show up? Well with an online appointment scheduling it will be a thing of past. The software intuitively tracks all upcoming appointments and automatically sends a confirmation request either over text or email, atleast 24 hours in advance. As a result, neither your client nor your provider misses the appointment, and your front desk staff can focus more on making the client comfortable rather going over the repetitive administrative work. 

Enhanced Client Experience

The hair salon online booking system vastly improves the way how your business interacts with the clients, and ensures that you consistently deliver an experience – second to none. One such online booking system, Zenoti salon software is well known in the industry for its highly intuitive features. It almost transfers the control of the processes into the hands of the clients. Its single sign on feature allows clients to easily edit personal and financial details, view available dates, booking appointments with favorite stylist in just 4 clicks, one tap rescheduling/ cancellation, automated check-in and checkout, review their membership plans,  redeem loyalty rewards, purchase gift cards, settle invoices and provide feedback. A state of art user interface makes the process seamless and hassle free. 

Increased Footfall

Believe it or not, but adopting technology is a proven way to improve footfall into your store. An online hair appointment booking software allows you to monitor your daily and weekly footfall. The software helps you create referral and loyalty programs, you can send them out over email and text messages. 

Furthermore, since all the data is recorded in the system, you can easily monitor the costs of providing referral discount to new clients and referral bonus to existing clients. Furthermore, when your clients know that making an appointment only needs them to make a few taps on the screen, chances are that they will be visiting often. 

Targeted Marketing 

Ranking amongst the top five advantages of an online appointment scheduling system is its ability to transform your marketing plan. From sending automated newsletters to guests to sharing push on notifications with curated offers for products and services the online appointment scheduling system improves your marketing in many ways. By constantly analyzing the profile of the client and their past purchase history, the system will suggest you both existing and newer services that have higher chances of acceptance. 

Reporting & Analytics

Businesses grow when managers take data driven decisions, and the online appointment scheduling system helps in the process. Since, all the administrative processes are run through the system, it can easily analyze the data to create customized reports for sales, revenue, profitability etc. in just a few clicks and present to you for your study. Infact, some of the salon software such as the one from Zenoti comes with upto 100 pre-set reporting formats such that you can obtain both micro and macro view of the business. Whether you run a single store or a chain of stores, the software can help you understand your numbers individually and holistically. 

The online hair appointment booking system is a great tool, which assists you in running your operations.  By taking over all the administrative processes, it frees you and your team can focus solely on providing superior client experience, and business strategy. While there are many such products in the market such as Zenoti, BePos, MindBody, Rosy, and Salonist, we like Zenoti for its holistic approach in dealing with businesses issues. To know more about Zenoti, read our post on “5 Reasons to Switch your Salon POS Software to Zenoti”