Heart and vascular issues are life-threatening when left untreated, and your primary doctor will diagnose the early symptoms of heart disease and recommend further treatments. However, you need specialized health care when it comes to issues with the heart. As such, cardiologists from Prime Heart and Vascular are ready to address your issues as they are trained to diagnose and treat health conditions. They understand how the heart and vascular system operates and will notice issues such as blood clots and life-threatening cholesterol deposits. Unfortunately, most people don’t seek heart and vascular health preventive care until they are sick; however, these are reasons to see a cardiologist.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins affect the legs causing discoloration on the calf and the lower parts of the legs. Although you might treat it at a dermatologist’s office, the condition is not only cosmetic and indicates serious vascular problems. The varicose veins might occur from the failure of the valves in the veins, making it impossible to pump blood to the upper parts of the body. It could also occur from blood clots and cholesterol deposits in the veins. The cardiologist will remove the blood clots and offer remedies that lower the cholesterol level. They may recommend lifestyle changes such as exercise and compression stockings to manipulate the blood flow.


A stroke is life-threatening, especially if you don’t seek treatment and management. You might develop symptoms such as difficulty breathing and chest pains from a stroke. You will need urgent care to deal with stroke as the condition reduces oxygen supply to the brain leading to organ failure. Fortunately, stroke is manageable with medications and lifestyle changes.

Irregular Heart Rate

Your heartbeat should be at the normal rate, and an irregular heartbeat indicates issues with the heart. A faint heartbeat might indicate low blood pressure, a life-threatening issue, while a fast heartbeat is associated with high blood pressure.

Deep Cuts and Excessive Bleeding

You could need urgent care if you have deep cuts and experience excessive bleeding, as bleeding causes blood loss and organ failure. Your urgent care doctor might work with heart and vascular doctors when dealing with deep wounds and excessive bleeding. You will need a blood transfusion if you lose a lot of blood to avoid organ failure and death.

High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

High cholesterol levels affect the circulatory system as harmful cholesterol might be deposited around the heart affecting the heart rate. The cholesterol deposits make the heart overwork when pumping blood, leading to high blood pressure. Additionally, the cholesterol deposits on the vascular veins will slow down the blood flow resulting in low blood pressure and poor distribution of blood throughout the body. You would consult a cardiologist for high blood and cholesterol levels as they offer the right remedies for the condition.

Heart and vascular issues might be life-threatening and need urgent medical care. You may consult a cardiologist who understands how the heart and the vascular system operate. They deal with problems such as varicose veins, which cause blood stagnation and discoloration in the lower limbs. Additionally, they suggest home remedies that lower high blood and cholesterol levels. They may recommend the right medications for dealing with strokes and offer first aid during a stroke attack. Therefore, cardiologists will keep your heart and vascular system healthy, eradicating life-threatening conditions. 

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