What You Should Know Picking Up Your Order from an AutoZone Order

If you are busy with work, school, or family, you will probably appreciate that AutoZone offers an in-store pickup option. This is a perfect way to get what you need, such as a Hyundai Elantra Alternator, washer fluid, or new headlights, without having to peruse the aisles. What is even better is that it is a free service. It is also great for those who like to work on cars and have a number of do-it-yourself projects.

How Long Does an AutoZone Pickup Take?

If you are wondering, how long does AutoZone pickup take, the answer is fairly quick, as long as the items you want are in stock. To find this out, look on the right-hand side of the item you want, where you choose free in-store pickup or home delivery. Under in-store pickup, it will say if it is in stock at your chosen location. If not, but it is available at a different AutoZone in the area, it will let you know. If it is not in stock, and you do not need the item right away, it may be better to choose delivery, which is often available for the next day, and free for orders of $35 and higher. 

You can usually get in-store parts as long as you order more than one hour before the store closes. When your order is ready, you will receive an email confirmation. Once you get it, you can stop at the store at your convenience. If you prefer to stay in your car, you can call the store, and someone will bring it out to you.

DIYers Paradise: Smooth Pick Up Orders

If you like to tinker with cars and make your own repairs, the pickup option is convenient. Perhaps you have a big project coming up over the weekend, but you have a busy week. Just go online, pick out what you need, and choose in-store pickup. AutoZone will hold your items for up to seven days. 

If you are in the middle of repairs, and you realize you are missing a part, just order what you need online and continue to work on the vehicle. Once it is ready, you can run out and pick it up.

Parts of All Kinds

Another thing that DIYers like is that AutoZone carries a wide selection of auto parts, so you only have to shop at one place. Whether you need an Acura RSX Fuel Pump, car wash products, a new car battery, or accessories for your Jeep, you can find it.

Tools for Rent

If you need a particular tool for a project and you do not own it, contact AutoZone. It offers specialty tools for rent, so you do not have to spend a lot of money to purchase them.

Easy and Quick Pick Up

Whether it is parts, tools, or both, you can quickly be on your way when you choose in-store pickup online. Ordering is easy, and all you need to pick your order up is to present your confirmation email and a form of identification.

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