If your child is rapidly reaching the age for early learning, it will soon be time to start thinking about his or her education and in this article, we introduce the concept of K-12 schools. As the name suggests, a K-12 school accepts students from kindergarten to grade 12 and there are many benefits to sending your child to a single educational institution, which we outline in this article.

Eliminate trauma

You probably had to change schools at least once in your childhood and we all remember the trauma that having to fit into a new environment involves. Of course, most of us manage to make new friends and after a while, we have integrated well and can resume our education, but for some, this ordeal can leave mental scars and enrolling your child in Brighton College International School in Bangkok means they won’t have to go through that experience and will graduate and go straight into the university they choose.

Early learning program

The first stage of a child’s education is really a chance for the child to get to grips with the social aspect of school; they learn how to behave politely and to respect other people and their property, while the activities are fun-based, with no academic work at this early stage of their development. When the student are 5-6 years old, they are ready to move into the primary section.

Primary school (Year 1-6)

This first 6 years of formal education are structured in such a way to prepare the students for more intense academic work. The curriculum increases in difficulty as the students move through the grades, with particular focus on literacy, maths and the sciences. The start of Year 4 is when things become more complex, with more demanded from the students in terms of workload, while exam results should reflect the student’s abilities in all core subjects. Click here for information about online learning, which is very popular.

Secondary school (Year 7-12)

The focus is more on academic performance in Years 7, 8 and 9; then come the IGCSE examinations, followed by a two-year study program for A-levels (Years 10-12). Some schools refer to this as the senior school and the emphasis is on career selection and a direction for further education. At the start of Year 9, each student is assigned to a trained career counsellor, when they spend a few periods per week looking at careers and the subjects required. The UK National Curriculum is used by top international schools throughout the world and is globally recognised as the best in the world.

Developing positive relationships

Students at a K-12 school can develop long-term relationships with teachers and other students, something that isn’t possible when you have to change school every few years. Your children can have a working relationship with teachers for a total of 12 years, which can be very influential in a positive way.

If you have found a few K-12 schools within driving distance of your home, the next step is to book a tour of each campus and then you can make an informed decision as to the best school for your child.