What Are The 5 Cheapest Ways To Consume CBD

Most of us suffer from health issues varying in severity. Looking for treatment options that offer quick relief from such problems is natural. Many people feel CBD may address the different conditions they suffer. Hence, CBD has become a buzzword in the market. You can find various types of products containing CBD (Cannabidiol). It is one of the compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa and hemp plants. 

It is one of the hundred compounds found with the potential power to address several health issues. But, CBD may not contain THC, the psychoactive compound triggering a high. According to several studies, you can experience several benefits when you use CBD. It may include:

  • Pain relief
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Address epilepsy
  • Lower PTSD symptoms
  • Address neurological issues
  • Alzheimer’s disease

While CBD may prove effective, the method you choose to use CBD can impact the results. Hence, you need to find the best delivery method to consume CBD.

The Best And Cheapest Methods To Consume CBD

Unlike other holistic options, CBD may offer various ways of consumption. You can choose any of the consumption options depending on your specific circumstances. You can inhale, ingest, or opt for the sublingual route. Each person may react differently to the various options. You can find the best delivery method to meet your preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Here are some of the CBD consumption methods you can try:

Method #1 Drops And Tinctures

It can seem like the best and most effective option to take CBD. Taking CBD drops and tinctures sublingually may provide desired effects within minutes. It is the popular option that people choose. You can find products like CBD oil, tinctures, or drops online or in dispensaries. To experience the best results, you should hold the drops under the tongue for thirty to sixty seconds. It can allow CBD to absorb quickly into the bloodstream. It is perfect for people who wish to get instant results.

According to a study, sublingual delivery of CBD may address issues like anxiety. It may feel safe and effective. The capillaries under the tongue can make it easier for CBD to enter your bloodstream. Unfortunately, many people may not find the taste appealing. 

Method #2 CBD Capsules


CBD soft-gel capsule may offer a perfect option for people who like to take CBD without its raw taste. You can swallow the soft-gel CBD capsule with ease. Soft-gel capsules may have a precise CBD dose. Hence, CBD soft-gel capsules can feel like a convenient option to get the CBD dose. It may also fit into the busy schedule of people. You can take it swiftly and discreetly irrespective of the time or place. The capsule content may not release until it reaches your stomach. Also, they can release slowly. Therefore, you may experience lasting effects with this method of CBD consumption.

Method #3 Edibles

It is the option where you can choose edibles containing CBD. Many people choose this option to get their daily dose of CBD. It can offer discretion when you take CBD. Also, the precalculated dosage of edibles ensures you can know the amount you have taken. The edibles like gummies and chews may come in different flavors. It may seem like the best option to take CBD at home or work. You can also take CBD edibles while traveling. But, taking CBD as edibles may take time to see results.

According to studies, eating CBD products can result in first-pass effects. It means your liver and digestive tract can break down CBD edibles. Hence, your body may absorb only 20% to 30% CBD. It can mean that you may have to wait several hours for CBD to kick in.

Method #4 Food And Drink


Many people refrain from using oil containing CBD due to its raw taste. In such cases, adding it to food and drinks may provide an option for consuming CBD. Many restaurants have made it a trend to add CBD to food and beverages. You can find different CBD-infused food/beverages like:

  • Coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Cookies
  • Cocktails
  • Ice creams

Several online portals publish detailed recipes to make CBD-infused food items. You can try these at home to consume CBD. Mixing CBD in food and drinks can provide an additional option to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol at home or other establishments.

Method #5 Vape Oil


Vaping CBD vape liquid may have attracted more people due to its quick results. You can enjoy the benefits of CBD quickly compared to other options with vaping. CBD vape enters your bloodstream directly. Hence, it may not undergo the first-pass effects. It results in people feeling the effects of CBD vaping faster. Inhalation of CBD through the lungs may help you experience the positive effects within five to ten minutes. Vaping may ensure your body absorbs 34% to 56% of the CBD. Therefore, it seems like the best option to get CBD into the system without delay.  


CBD may have many health benefits that have attracted people. But, the various methods of consuming CBD resulted in its popularity. Is there any best method? No, the perfect way to consume mainly depends on the person taking CBD. You may have to try the various options to determine the effective consumption method that suits your demands. Find high-quality CBD products that have undergone third-party lab certification to get the best results. Also, get an expert opinion regarding the precise dosage of CBD you can take to address your health concerns. A little effort to find the best option may help you lead a high-quality life.