Are you looking for a reliable well pump repair & installation company? There’s a reason why Well Doctor LLC is on top of the list when you search for the “best well pump services near me.” We are a team of licensed and certified well pump contractors with years of experience dealing with all types of well pump repair and installation services. We have a reputation in the industry, and we continue to strive for excellence to keep every residential and commercial client satisfied with every service we provide.  

If you need any of these well pump services, feel free to schedule your appointment with our experts at Well Doctor, LLC!

·         Emergency Water Well Pump Repair Service

It’s very frustrating when you have a low water pressure or no water coming out of your faucet. Good thing you always have our team for 24-hour emergency services. We are available any time of the day and night to help you with your unexpected water well emergencies.

·         Water Well Pump Repair, Installation, and Replacement

We are the area’s go-to company for high-quality, well water well pump installation, repair, and replacement. Our expertise ranges from determining the right well pump for your unique needs to ensuring every single part of the well water system is properly installed. We offer warranties on all of our work and the products that we install. Whether you need repair, installations, or maintenance services, count on our experts for quality results at reasonable costs.

·         Well Inspection

Well inspection is an important task when you are selling or buying your home. It ensures that the system is functioning properly before buying and selling. A well inspection also guarantees that the water delivered to your property complies with the safety standards for everyday use. Of course, your water has to be clean, and if the inspection suggests it isn’t, you’ll need a qualified professional to work on it.

·         Well Chlorination

 Well water testing can give you an overview of the status of the water from your well system. If things don’t turn out good, well chlorination is an effective solution to kill harmful bacteria and contaminants found in the well water. As a certified water well pump repair, installation, and replacement company in Charlotte, NC, we understand the importance of chlorination and the proper way of handling the job. We are fully compliant with all necessary safety precautions.

·         Well Drilling

Well Doctor, LLC is geared with advanced equipment to perform all well water services including drilling. Our procedure starts with a free estimate that includes selecting the best location and reviewing costs. Then we go through the drilling contracts and permits needed for the project. All of our contractors have gained the knowledge, experience, and expertise required to serve you and ensure your well drilling project is completed correctly.

Well Doctor LLC is proudly serving the Boone, NC, and the greater Charlotte area. Schedule your appointment and join our long list of satisfied clients. 

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