Unique DIY Furniture Inspiration 

Making your own furniture comes with an array of advantages. From cost-cutting measures to unique-looking pieces and a sense of accomplishment, there are some things that you just can’t get from ready-made furniture. Fortunately, making your own furniture doesn’t have to be too complicated, meaning you won’t need to rely on a router tool guide. With simplicity and endless customization options, there are a number of reasons why DIY furniture is the way forward.

Detailed below are just some of the ideas you might take inspiration from when sprucing up your home with DIY furniture. 

Dining Table

First up is the staple of any dining room, the dining room table. Unfortunately, good quality, solid dining tables are expensive to buy, so creating your own is a popular alternative. This way, you can ensure you use only the most solid and durable materials in the building of your furniture. While it is possible to find affordable, ready-made dining tables, these don’t tend to be crafted from quality materials, meaning they often don’t stand the test of time. Therefore, if you want a dining table that lasts years on end but doesn’t cost the earth, your only option is to make your own. 

Sofa End Table 

A sofa end table is ideal for living rooms with limited space. When you’re cozied up on the sofa, you often need a table nearby to place your favorite beverage. Despite this, not everyone has the space for a full-size coffee table or even a corner table. So, space can be saved by creating a sofa end table that simply slots onto the arm of the sofa. 

All you need is a few pieces of scrap wood that can be nailed together and painted to create a visually appealing end table. It’s both unique and convenient, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Coffee Table

Perhaps you have a bit more space available to you, and a coffee table would be ideal. Like dining tables, though, solid and durable coffee tables cost a considerable amount of money. What’s more, the beauty of a DIY coffee table is that you’re able to make it to fit your living room rather than adjusting your living room to fit your coffee table. Therefore, not only do you have the potential to create a furniture piece that stands the test of time, but you can reduce costs and have a completely unique piece. 

Storage Basket Side Table

It’s safe to say that any home could benefit from some more storage, and it’s even better when this storage looks good, too. Finding storage that looks good on the mainstream market can be tough, as furniture tends to serve one purpose or another. When you make your own, though, you can consider everything you want and customize it in any way you see fit. 

The beauty of a storage basket side table is that it incorporates decoration into storage. Instead of hiding away what needs to be stored, you can make it a feature of your home. 

Junk Drawer Organizer

Last but certainly not least is a junk drawer organizer. We’ve all got that kitchen drawer full of useful but miscellaneous objects. Due to the nature of this drawer, it’s often a mess; however, this doesn’t have to be the way. A junk drawer organizer is incredibly valuable and will save you precious time when it comes to searching for something you need. These aren’t commonly sold, so making your own is a great idea. Plus, this allows you to customize the compartments accordingly to maximize the space available to you.