Understanding the Basics of Personal Injury Law: A Comprehensive Guide

Personal Injury Law covers the injuries and the damages done to one party by another. This means that one private party sues another for the wrongdoings they do. 

The affected party is then compensated, mostly through financial aid when they go through the injury resulting from someone else’s actions. 

Understanding the essentials of personal injury laws helps individuals get to know their rights when they get through a situation where they face injuries.  

A personal injury lawyer in Houston can help you in these situations as they have the complete know-how of the rights of the victims. 

Common Forms of Injuries

  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Product liability
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Workplace injuries
  • Assault cases

A Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim or compensation is actually the damages that you through against a person that is responsible for causing you injuries.  

Personal injury claims include injuries that are emotional, the financial loss one has a 

beard, and the cost of medical help that is needed. 

Personal Injury Claim Process

Besides the consequences of a personal injury, there are a few steps involved in the process including: 

Medical Attention

As soon as an accident occurs the first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to seek medical advice. This is not just for health purposes but also for keeping the documents and the injuries sorted as soon as possible. These can help as solid evidence when a case is taken to the court. 

File a Report

Also, do not forget to report the incident when you go through something like that. Make sure to report the case as soon as you can to the authorities present in the area where you got into an accident. 

Gather all the Evidence

Try and get all the evidence in the form of photographs, and videos. the security camera footage, the statements of the witnesses, and all the recent data that can back up the information.  

With that keep track of all the medical bills, the lost wages, and all the other expenses and impacts that come along with the injury. 

Consult and Hire a Lawyer

Look for a lawyer who is an expert at personal injury cases and deals with them most of the time. A lot of times personal injury lawyers offer some initial consultations that are free of cost. This is done in order to evaluate the merits of the claim.   

If both of the parties agree to proceed, you will agree on an amount. This means that the fee of the lawyer will be calculated by the judgment passed by the court. Now before filing the claim, the lawyer usually sends out the notice to the opposing party and the insurance company that they are associated with. 

Well, this is also not necessary, a lot of times the cases do get resolved without the involvement of the lawsuit. Both parties a lot of times discuss the compensation, just with the involvement of the insurance company. 

Filing the Case

As soon as the negotiations are done, if there is no result to be found, then a case is filed in court. Both parties then exchange information after that. A lot of interrogation then takes place and a lot of documentation is being submitted in the court in order to make the case go smoothly. 

A lot of times, some attempts to settle the case are made and they are usually successful. In this case, the mediator plays an important role and settles everything. 

Trials and Compensation

After that come the trials. Both the parties present their cases one by one. After that, the jury and the judge come up with a verdict. If the accuser wins the case, they will be getting all the compensation.

Each party can challenge the verdict and raise questions over it. Some appeals are also made in anticipation that that jury’s verdict will be tweaked. And once the appeals go in vain and the settlements are formed, the lawyer takes his percentage and the compensation is provided to the party that had to bear the injury.

Now, one thing to remember here is that not all of the cases are the same and end up similar. A lot of times, the results can vary depending on the situation of the parties. 


The personal injury law does focus a lot on the compensation deserved by the individuals who are affected as a result of a personal accident. The results however are not always in favor of the party being affected. However, hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best way to go after understanding the whole process. They can play a vital role in getting you the deserving compensation and also guide you well through your rights.