Honda cars are considered by many as one of the best vehicles ever made. While most dealers offer similar services and products, you can find a lot of differences between these retailers. 

According to reports, Honda sold over 320,000 vehicles to US customers in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Retailers might even compete with each other to make your experience memorable for all the right reasons. You can check the dealer’s official site to see their expertise.

You might be interested in the top services dealers sell Honda cars. These include the following

(1) Extended Warranties

These are plans that usually cover your vehicle across the board for several years. For instance, if you get a car worth $20,000, a good dealer might offer a two-year warranty. It is also called a bumper-to-bumper guarantee that covers every part of the car for a set period.

One of the advantages of buying an extended warranty from your Honda dealer is that you can choose the best plan to suit your needs and budget. It’s not like third-party extended warranties that cost a fortune while only covering the bare minimum.

Many retailers also offer plans that cover Routine Maintenance. It means you don’t have to pay for oil changes, tire rotations, and similar services until your warranty expires. The dealer might come after a certain number of miles has been driven or months from the purchase date.

(2) Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

These are used cars but sold as certified pre-owned. The dealer inspects and reconditions the vehicle before selling it to you.

You can meet all the requirements for a car loan from an approved lender or bank.

In most cases, you’ll find that this offers several benefits. One of the significant advantages is getting a warranty to fix any hitches with their car.

It is only valid for a set number of months, but it makes good sense to buy this certification if you plan to keep driving your vehicle long after the paperwork.

(3) Financing Deals

Many dealers offer incentives when you finance your vehicle from their lot. You can use these deals as a bargaining chip, especially if you’re on the fence about buying a car from them.

Some retailers might offer special discounts of as much as 0.9 percent. While this is not a significant amount on its own, it does make a difference when trading in your old, used car for a new Honda.

(4) Extended Protection Plans

These are similar to extended warranties but come with fewer options. One of the selling points for this plan is that you can cover your vehicle for up to 12 months or 1,500 miles, whichever comes first.

Many retailers will also offer to roll the cost of this warranty into your car loan if you plan to use the vehicle for more than a year. If you buy this kind of protection, make sure your salesperson explains all the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line.

(5) Service Discounts

A dealer might offer discounts on their official site if you maintain your vehicle with them for at least six months. Like most incentives, these plans come with specific terms and conditions.

For example, you might get a special rate of 15 percent on labor costs if you have your car serviced at the dealer’s garage. It only applies to standard services such as oil changes and tire rotations, not major work or repair jobs.

Honda dealers might even give you a discount on accessories compatible with your vehicle. Some of the most common examples include alloy wheels, GPS accessories, and even branded floor mats.

(6) Trade-In Deals

If you plan to retain your old car but want a new Honda, dealers might offer great deals on trading in. You can use the number as a bargaining chip when buying a different vehicle from the same lot.

For instance, if your trade-in is worth $4,000 and the dealer offers you an incentive of $1,500, you can use this boosted number when working out the best deal for your new car.

(7) Using Friends And Family Discounts

If you know a person who works in a dealership selling Honda vehicles, ask if they have any discounts. Dealers might offer these to employees and their relatives to boost staff morale.

In general, you can get a discount of around 10 percent on finance deals when using this method. It is usually valid for six months from the date of purchase and only applies to new cars bought from the same retailer.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, many dealers offer great deals to make their customers happy. You should never pay the total price for any vehicle because there are always incentives and other ways to save money. Ensure you know what each incentive entails before signing on the dotted line. 

Author name- Adams