Smooth and glowing skin does more than protect your internal organs; it gives you confidence, a crucial consideration as you navigate daily life. Maintaining such a glow is not easy, especially with all the exposure your skin has to take over the years. Complementing home skin care remedies with professional Limmer dermatology care is quickly becoming a norm for people striving to maintain striking skin for years. Skincare measures like wearing sunscreen and moisturizer, limiting sun exposure, proper hydration, and quitting habits such as smoking help. Nonetheless, you should include professional care in your skincare regimen, more so in instances like:

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Skin cancer concerns

Skin cancer risks such as family history or an evolving mole/patch should prompt you to include dermatologist visits in your skincare routine. Skin cancer tends to be hereditary. You are at high risk of developing it if your close relatives, like a sibling or parent, have had skin cancer. Skin cancer can be caught in time through routine screening, facilitating prompt treatment. A mole or patch changing in size, color, or shape may signify developing cancer, which can be prevented or stopped with prompt removal. Skin cancer does not just affect your looks. It impacts the skin’s ability to protect your organs and can be life-threatening. Routine screenings can help ensure that the cancer does not go unnoticed and untreated, mitigating such severe risks.

Skin conditions

Relying on over-the-counter products to manage eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or acne may not work as well, considering the unique nature of your skin type. The stubborn acne may cease to be a problem sooner when you use medical-grade products prescribed by your provider. When skin conditions are well managed, you can keep your skin looking and functioning much better. You also avoid their complications, such as how rosacea affects your eyes or the irritation from eczema and acne impacting your sleep quality.

Aging signs

Hair loss, wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin are common aging signs that drive many people to try various regimens. The trial and error method can be frustrating, especially when the situation seems to worsen instead of improving. A dermatologist can offer more innovative treatments like laser therapy. The treatments offer faster and long-lasting cosmetic effects, allowing you to manage premature aging signs effectively.


Persistent and itchy rashes or hives could mean a lot, from an allergic reaction to fungal, viral, yeast, or bacterial infections. The quickest way to be sure is through a thorough diagnosis by a dermatologist. Your home remedies could be soothing the symptoms, but for better results and to avoid complications, you may need certain treatments. This is more so considering your settings, such as living with young children, older adults, or individuals with compromised immune systems. The contagious nature of skin infections can cause more problems, emphasizing the need for prompt, professional care.

Skincare entails more than spotting a glowing look. You need to keep the skin healthy for improved functionality, an area your dermatologist can help address. Contact Limmer Dermatology today for all your medical, cosmetic, or skin cancer concerns.