English is indeed a universal language. From India to Canada, there are billions of people who can understand the language without major battles. It takes a decent time for non-English speakers to understand the language. But many times, these non-English speaking lovers can do a better job than others. Hence, it is too crucial for everyone to know the language very well. Many can even fake it very well that they know the deep meaning of the tongue. However, things are totally different in many ways. 

Let’s take a look at the five ways to know the knowledge of English speakers. 

5 English – Writing

Almost every good student of this language can write at least 500 words without major battles. It takes a lot of time for an individual to master writing. It is indeed a hidden art in many different ways. Writing even makes a classical persona. 

4 English – Way of Speaking 

A person with a clear idea of the language can speak without thinking twice. The very flow will come fluently on his or her mouth. Others can do a decent job – but they indeed might feel a bit hard to make things adjustable. It is a simple way to know the deep understanding of this universal magic. 

3 Semicolon

Others might think that semicolon is just a replacement for a comma. However, things are totally different. It takes years for anyone to understand three to four ways of using a semicolon in writing. 

2 Idioms   

Only native speakers can use idioms very well. It takes years for many to know even basic idioms. Hence, if you see a person speaking idioms comfortably, it means he knows a lot. 

1 Confidence 

One with better language holds a different level of confidence. It is indeed a good way to understand things. Otherwise, it can be hard for many to know the real meaning of one’s love for English.   

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