Football in England is huge. There is a fan of the game in every possible home. They cry to watch this beautiful sport every single week. Some of them even dedicate all of their life to their beloved club. They do feel proud to back England during mega-events. However, mostly the game is all about making the best products from the club culture for making things better internationally. 

5 – Football – Everton

Despite not winning even a single Premier League title, Everton have a great history to feel proud of. In England, they have had won several competitions. Possibly, they can know become far better than what they were in the PL history. 

4 – Football – Chelsea   

Chelsea became a big club after the arrival of Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich in the early 2000s. Now they have good amounts of FA Cup, League Cup and Premier League titles. All these things make them a very stable club. Indeed, not many can match their class now in England. 

3 – Arsenal 

Arsenal have won more FA Cup titles than any other English team – 14 (football). They are also the 13-time English champions. They are the only side to end an English top-flight season without a defeat. It shows the value of the Gunners around the world. Now they are not as good as they used to be. However, still, the aroma of the club is huge. 

2 – Liverpool

Liverpool have won the English top-flight title 19 times. Hence, they are the second-best in the system. If you know a little about football, then you know something about Liverpool. It is a club with great history and tradition. There are millions of Reds fans across the globe.  

1 – Manchester United 

Manchester United have more than 200 millions fans worldwide. It is a club made for the fans by the fans. The Red Devils are indeed the best side in England as far as winning titles are concerned. They are behind Liverpool in Europe, but not in English competitions. 


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