Tips for Preparing for an Eyelid Surgery

Drooping eyelids can make you look older than you are, which destroys your self-esteem. Additionally, they limit vision since they occupy much space above and below your eye. If it has been your dream to correct your eyelids, you can book a Scarsdale eyelid surgery to achieve your desires. An eyelid surgery requires lots of preparation. If you do not prepare yourself well, you may unknowingly hinder post-surgery healing. Without further ado, here are things you can do before and after eyelid surgery.

There are Medications You Should Avoid

You should not use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or aspirin within a week (before and after surgery) since they cause bleeding. They block the formation of thromboxane A2 by inhibiting platelet cyclooxygenase. The more the blockage occurs, the longer it will take for the bleeding to stop.

As healthy as they are, you should also avoid herbal supplements such as aloe, garlic, and ginger. They possess anticoagulant properties, which means they impair hemostasis and promote bleeding. Like the previous medicines, do not use them a week before and after surgery.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes After Surgery

Sometimes we instinctively rub our eyes when they are not itchy. When you do that, you will interfere with the normal healing process. However, you can touch your eyes only when cleaning them. Your surgeon will instruct you on how to do it without harming your eye.

After two weeks, you can massage your eyelids to reduce swelling. Also, massaging helps to smooth any areas of firmness and irregularities. Before you do that, ask your doctor about the best technique to use to avoid eye injury.

Avoid Sun Exposure for 2-4 Weeks

That does not mean that you should not leave your house. Remember, you will still need to leave for work or grocery shopping. When you go out, you should shield yourself with a hat, sunglasses, or an umbrella.

If you expose your eyelids to sunlight, they may become discolored. Besides discoloration, you could experience scarring, which could delay healing. If possible, send someone you do some errands on your behalf.

Quit Smoking Within a Month Before and After Surgery

Tobacco contains chemicals that constrict blood vessels, which means your healing tissues will not receive enough blood supply. Once the tissues die, your wounds will take some time to heal. The longer it takes for wounds to heal, the older you will appear ironically.

Smoking is dangerous before surgery because you will need plenty of anesthesia. As a result, you will experience side effects from it, such as muscle aches, nausea, sore throats, and chills. If you are addicted, you should use nicotine patches or chewing gum.

Arrange for Someone to Take You Home

After your surgery, your eyes will be sensitive to light from the sun, phone, or computers. As a result, you will squint. It is risky to drive home when your eyes are still sensitive, as you could cause accidents.

Furthermore, anesthesia causes you to be drowsy for 1-2 days. That means there is a chance you could fall asleep while driving. Besides drowsiness, it makes you confused, which is again dangerous for driving.

After reading this listicle, you probably have second thoughts about eyelid surgery. Who would want to tolerate the anesthesia’s side effects or avoid the sun, anyway? As disappointing as that may be, you need to follow these tips if you want your eyelids to turn up well.

Think of the surgery as a goal you need to achieve. People hate examinations, yet you have to study to pass them. The same goes for eyelid surgery; you need to follow these tips to get perfect eyelids. Once they turn out perfect, you will be pleased with your discipline.

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