Many people who do like to see the personal pictures and videos of models do like Thotsbay forum a lot. Despite the website has been banned by many nations, the forum has grown to the level where many people are addicted to it because they do like share the images and videos of a model without the legal permission.

It is the key reason behind the ban. But here we are taking about everything you do need to know about Thotbay and how it does promote piracy at a larger scale. Hence, let us take a deep dive and understand the website from the deep. 

What is Thotsbay?

Thotsbay is a famous website or forum, which is famous for leaking images and videos from various platforms like OnlyFans and other similar websites. In this website, they create a group where one can share the images and video you have of a model. It does help many people to see the adult images of a model without taking their permission. This is why the website is famous all over the world. Thotbay website is banned from many nations, but it is still growing as users are using tricks of VPN and all for breaching the national law.

Thotsbay Sign Up & Login Process

  • Type “Thotsbay” on search of Google on a browser.
  • The first link on the search page would lead on to the homepage.
  • A person needs to create username.
  • After that, there is a need of adding the email address
  • One should enter the password and it should be very strong.
  • Then click on the register button.
  • Save the Email ID and password for log in.

Is Thotsbay forums safe?

Well, the answer for this is No in short form. However, it can still be used in moderate manner. The website does carry the SSL certificate, it means the data is safe. And there must be big time hackers leading this forum.

But they do ask for email address and password to enter into the forum. And this is what many do not like as without making an account one can’t see the images and videos. Hence, they have to add the email address and some basic information.

Till now, there is no news of the website looting the user with the help of their email address. But you never know if it can be possible in future. As one does not know who is behind the website, it would be hard for government officials to solve your problems as this website is banned by them in several nations. So it is up to you to add your important information on the website or not. It is a website where they really sell sexual content, so it is up to you to think twice before joining the forum or not.

Thotsbay Forum : Review, Login and More.

What makes people join Thotsbay forum?

Thotsbay is a website/forum that enables users to see the adult content of their favorite models and actresses. It is the website people can leak the images and videos of models. It is the reason behind the ban of this website in many nations. But despite the fact, the website is growing. As many people do have lust to watch women in certain looks, it does force them to join the forum.

Here even they can request for sharing some images and videos of a model, and the fellow members of the forum do share the content and then other join the race. It makes a forum grow every well. They do take images from their personal OnlyFans profile and similar websites. It is the biggest reason behind the fame as other legit website does allow the same content. So adult content for free is the key reason behind the fame of the website. 

forum.thotsbay : Legitimacy

Thotsbay’s domain was first registered in April 2022. It has gained the huge popularity since then. The is kind of legit as one does get the content of their beloved models for free. But one can find some broken links and hence, many can’t open some files after a period of time. But other than that, the website does have LIVC chat boat and people can talk to each other help in sharing the content for free with the fellow users of the website. Here people do discuss things also, so it makes the website legit. But the website is illegal as they do allow to share the content without taking permission from content curators.

A Review: Thotsbay

Thotsbay is a very famous website now. It does work most of the time in the fast manner. Even the domain authoritative rank is 48.4 from VLDTR®. It does show the website is not a scam. It does take just two to three minutes to register into the website.

It does have the section That Book Leaks and many other tabs where one can see the latest adult content as well as the latest leaks of their beloved models. They do also show the latest posts of OnlyFans on their website, so it keeps the user up to date. The UI of the website is also very good and easy to understand.

Thotsbay: Advantages

There are some advantages of Thots bay to the people despite it is an illegal website.

  • The website is legit and does see an number posts coming every day.
  • One can see the personal images and videos of their fans.
  • It does see the leaks of so many famous names.
  • The website is free to use.
  • One can share the content and make the wishes of others fulfil.
  • It does allow users to chat with each other.
  • The website does have a very good UI.
  • Users can suggest each other some of the hottest content.

Thotsbay’s: Drawbacks

There are many negatives about Thots bay that one should know.

  • The website does have adult content.
  • They do use adult advertisements.
  • It does promote pornography.
  • This does impact the earnings of OnlyFans.
  • This does make many models exposed.
  • The website is banned from many nations.
  • It does use the private content of a model.
  • It does hamper the earnings of the models. 
  • Anybody can upload images and videos.
  • The website can leak the data of the users any time.
  • Nobody knows about the aims of the website.


Thotsbay is a famous website that does allow users to share the personal content of their beloved models. Even they can suggest each other by chatting. The website was made in April 2022 and has been banned from many nations as they do use the content of the models without paying them and asking for permission.

This does tell a lot about Thots-bay and how it is harming the business of the models, who do use the personal images to earn money. This is why it is crucial for a person to think twice before start using the website.


Q. What is Thotbay?

This is a website where users can share adult images and videos of famous models.

Q. Is Thotbay banned?

Yes, It is banned from many different nations as they promote illegal adult content.

Q. Is it safe to use Thotbay?

It does use content without permission. So it is not considered as safe.

Q. Is Thotbay fake website?

It is not a fake website as they share fresh content every hour.

Q. Is Thotbay free?

Yes, this website is free to use. One just needs to log in and that is it.

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