Things to Remember Before Buying Your First Pet Ball Python

If you’ve ever considered keeping a snake as a pet, you may have heard of the ball python (Python regius). This small constrictor is known for its docile, easy to handle temperament and being relatively low maintenance. However, as with any animal, there are a few things inherent to owning this animal you are going to want to remember and think about. By keeping these aspects of snake ownership in mind, you will be able to better prepare yourself for giving your pet the best home and life possible. 

They Shed

While it should be fairly obvious that snakes shed, some first-time snake owners find themselves somewhat unprepared to see their first shed skin. The shed itself is perfectly harmless, but snakes do generally need a few days with minimal interaction and no food to recover and build up their new skin. While most throw it away, some snake owners choose to incorporate it into crafts and other art. 

Snakes Need UV Light

You probably know that reptile lamps that emit UVA/UVB lights are a must on almost every reptile shopping list. Despite this, many people make the mistake of assuming it is an optional accessory. Both UVA and UVB rays are essential to helping your snake regulate its body temperature and absorb vital nutrients such as vitamin D. A lack of proper light exposure for around 8 hours a day can provoke serious health issues in your snake. 

They’re Pretty Lazy

One aspect of ball python ownership that many enjoy is their generally chill disposition. This is not an animal that will pace around its terrarium and demand time outside. While you may find your snake to be more energetic as a juvenile, it will soon age into spending hours enjoying one specific comfy area in its tank. 

Don’t Feed it too Much 

It may come as a surprise to some that snakes generally don’t eat that much. Their metabolisms are slow, allowing them to comfortably subsist on around three meals a month as an adult. Some first-time ball python owners, however, may be prone to overfeeding their pet. This can be surprisingly dangerous for your pet, as your snake may not be able to digest this excess food properly. This can cause the food items to rot in its stomach, leading to regurgitation, infection, and other gastrointestinal issues. If you have further questions about feeding your snake, don’t be afraid to ask your breeder when looking at ball pythons for sale.


While these snakes aren’t necessarily the most complicated pets to keep, it is still important to take certain aspects of their care and temperament into consideration. Searching for and acquiring ball pythons for sale can be a wonderful, affirming experience that will lead to a unique, wonderful relationship. However, you can still mess things up if unprepared, especially as a newcomer. With a little bit of time, research, and practice, however, you will be able to fully provide for your snake and won’t be caught off guard by the somewhat less known, nuanced aspects of snake ownership.