Ottomans are great pieces of accent furniture that provide functionality and style. When you want your guests to relax and kick their feet up, nothing conveys that message better than an ottoman. So what are some of the best ways to use this unique piece of furniture?

The most obvious purpose of ottomans is to provide a comforting place to rest your feet. Many are now being made with supportive memory foam, turning them into the perfect footstool. Match the color with the sofas or seating in the living or family room. If you don’t want an exact match, opt for an accent color you are already using in the space. Take your cue from the pillows, blankets, or flowerpots. Pulling from the colors decorating the room will keep the space cohesive.

Be prepared the next time you have more guests over than you expected. The extra seating ottomans provide welcome everyone to relax. The ottoman’s sturdiness combined with its comfortable cushioning transition easily into a snug seating option. Large square or round ottomans allow more than one person to occupy the space. Guests feel included and can participate in ongoing conversations.

Coffee tables are quickly being replaced by ottomans. They have much more functionality and you can put your feet up on them without being ridiculed. Many have built-in removable trays that you can carry to any room. Serve a loved one breakfast in bed, or use it as a laptop tray while lounging on the sofa.

Use casual ottomans for additional storage in your kid’s bedroom. Superhero figurines, toy cars, dolls, and other items used for playtime can be kept in the ottoman. Is playing dress-up one of their favorite pastimes? Keep your child’s costumes and accessories in the ottoman so they can easily access them when the feeling strikes.

Storage benches also make great additions to the kitchen or dining room. If you have a rectangular table and limited space in the kitchen, use a bench on one side to save space when you aren’t hosting. They also work in the dining room and can provide comfortable seating for children.

Store napkins and placemats on the bench. If you’re kids perform their arts and craft activities at the kitchen or dining room table, then store their crayons, paints, glues, and other tools in the ottoman benches.

No matter what room or function you need an ottoman for, 1StopBedrooms has a plethora of ottomans to choose from. Are you looking for something casual or contemporary? Modern or glam? Mid-century or classic? If you’re unsure, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many people aren’t sure which style will work best with their current décor so they reach out to one of the staff design specialists for a free consultation. These professionals will listen patiently to your concerns and the elements you want to include in your design. Then they’ll guide you to pieces within your budget and style range. So don’t wait, order the ottoman you need today.