We now live in a world where there are a lot more people and so there is always someone out there who wants to take what is yours or who wants to threaten you in some way. This is why many people all across the United Kingdom have more concerns about their safety and security than ever before and rather than sit back and wait for it to happen, many are getting out there and learning how to defend themselves. We are quite fortunate here in the UK in that we have a number of different self-defence classes to choose from and so this puts us in a very enviable situation.

It will take a little bit of research on your part and a little bit of legwork to find out what is best for you but there is no doubt that BJJ classes in Reading are becoming incredibly popular and there are many reasons for that. Brazilian jujitsu is an excellent sport that not only gets you into fantastic physical shape but also prepares you to be able to defend yourself and the ones that you love. Not only will you learn how to stand up for yourself but you will also get to enjoy many other benefits as well.

The following are just some of the top reasons why everyone in the United Kingdom should take self-defence classes.

  1. It improves your mental health – Many people in the UK both young and old currently suffer from some kind of mental health issue and so you need to do whatever you can to get yourself into better shape mentally. Once you start to learn self-defence classes, you will notice a marked reduction in the symptoms that are associated with mental health issues and so if you are experiencing depression and anxiety and you will see this start to reduce over time.
  2. Better self-discipline – Learning self-defence isn’t just about striking out and defending yourself against others. You need a great deal of focus and discipline in order to be able to learn jujitsu and so your trainer will teach you the many techniques that you will need in order to be able to experience precision in your movements. This provides you with excellent discipline and self control and you can take the skills learned in your class and use them in your daily life as well.
  3. You get better reflexes – Stronger and quicker reflexes will help to keep you out of situations where you might hurt yourself. You will find that your coordination will improve and you will be taught how to make many different movements all at once. This means you can respond more quickly to situations that are expected.

You will learn the necessary skills to be able to defend yourself if you’re feeling threatened and you will be taught how to use a reasonable amount of force to stop them in their tracks. If you feel that your safety is in jeopardy and you have not provoked someone then it is perfectly reasonable to use your self-defence skills.

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