The Top 3 Reasons to Use a Specialist Company to Relocate a Data Centre

Undertaking a data centre relocation project can often be challenging and complicated while it requires careful planning, expert knowledge and specialist equipment to ensure the task is completed correctly. Indeed, if you are looking to relocate a data centre, then you may need to hire a specialist company because they will be able to simplify the entire process. In addition, a company providing data centre relocation services will be able to deliver and install servers as required. If you want to build a data centre or relocate an existing facility, then using a specialist company could be your best option, especially if you do not have the relevant in-house knowledge to deliver and install servers as required.

  1. Expert knowledge

Moving a data centre to a new location requires a considerable amount of knowledge and experience, especially in managing complicated IT systems. Likewise, you will have to consider the power requirements for the facility as well as install network and cabling solutions before the server delivery and installation occurs. Indeed, if you want to hand over the task of relocating a data centre to a specialist company, then you must carry out research about the various options that are available in a particular country.

  • Specialist equipment

Investing in a data centre requires specialist equipment, including servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and power supplies. However, moving heavy server equipment without damaging it can require specialised equipment while the use of anti-static bags can protect sensitive equipment during the transportation process. You will also need to plan for redundant power supplies and cooling systems to be installed in the facility, along with a backup electrical supply in the event of a power failure.

  • Reduce downtime

The third reason to hand over the relocation of a data centre to a specialist company is that you will be able to reduce downtime. Indeed, relocating a data centre can often be a risky process while the potential for hardware changes, data loss or damage could potentially increase the amount of downtime experienced. However, you could also mitigate the risk of moving a data centre by creating detailed plans as well as operating the two facilities in parallel for some time until you know that the new facility is operating as intended. By using a specialist company to relocate your data centre, you can reduce the risk of data loss or damage to your business reputation while you will also be able to implement several steps to mitigate any risks, whenever you want to move a data centre to a new location.

  • Expert knowledge and trained employees
  • Specialist equipment
  • Reduce any downtime

In concluding, relocating a data centre can often be a challenging process that requires a considerable amount of planning, along with expert knowledge and specialist equipment. However, by using a specialist company, you can take advantage of the expertise to ensure a minimum amount of downtime, as well as ensure that your new data centre is operating as intended.