The Four Best Online MBA Alternatives for Working Professionals

Companies look for professionals who can add value to their organisations. Employees who can learn critical thinking, are keen to work professionally, have unique insights, and who can manage teamwork and goals, have an edge over their counterparts.

Online MBAs are flexible and affordable for both students and working professionals. If you are wondering whether an online MBA is the best option or not, here are some alternatives that can equally help accelerate your career and goals.

Many working professionals want to accelerate their careers in management, marketing, and finance by earning an online MBA degree. But online MBAs are not the only way they can educate themselves; there are several alternatives! Some great online MBA alternatives to traditional degrees are mini-MBAs and power MBAs. Take a look at the four online alternatives to an MBA mentioned below.


Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are the best alternatives for an online MBA if you are looking to boost your corporate and management knowledge. MOOCs allow students and professionals to create a personalised curriculum based on their interest areas.

In these online courses, students can access recorded lectures and study materials, as well as learn business and management skills. You can learn skills such as how to make a problem statement to come up with solutions to bridge the gap between your desired goals and the status quo.

Nevertheless, MOOCs do not provide a personalised experience and, more importantly, they do not allow for interactions between the student and teacher. This means that with an MOOC, you may miss out on getting your doubts cleared by an expert.

Certification courses

An MBA is not just a way to develop your business and management skills. Companies need experience both personally and organisationally. You can learn the same business and management skills online as you could with an online MBA, as long as you have a certification course provided by an online educator. These certifications allow you to remain an employee and, after completing the course, specialise in a specific field.

Certified Information Systems Analyst and Project Management Professional are just a few of the consultancy-related certifications you can opt for. A wide range of certifications are available in almost every industry. You may also be pleased to know that certain companies are willing to pay for their employees to complete such certification courses. So, in effect, your company may pay for you to get better at what you do, so that you can earn more money and get promoted in the future. That’s a great deal right there.

Mini MBA

Many working professionals want to pursue an MBA degree but do not have the time to commit to earning a full degree. A mini MBA programme is a condensed MBA programme, and is also known as a starter MBA or pre-MBA programme.

A mini MBA, also known as a micro MBA, is similar to MOOCs. Some business schools and business professionals offer mini MBA. The course usually covers business skills, assignments, and hands-on projects that are not covered by MOOCs. A mini MBA typically contains important courses and topics bundled into a video lecture that can be 40-50 hours long.

Depending on the course you choose, your classes may be online or offline, but the course will still be a part-time curriculum. Mini MBAs focus on in-demand skills and hands-on skills. They are more affordable and flexible than traditional and online MBAs. A mini MBA could take less than a year to complete.

Power MBA

The power MBA is an online business curriculum developed by business professionals and leaders from top multinational companies. The programme was first introduced in 2017 in Spain. The contents of a power MBA are the same as that of a traditional MBA, which covers digital marketing, business analytics, finance, and entrepreneurship.

A power MBA is an online programme that can be covered in 15-minute daily sessions via video lectures and presentations. You can complete it at your own pace and flexibility. You can study a power MBA without filling out an application form. It is open to all working professionals and students.

A power MBA is one of the better alternatives to an online MBA. Full-time business leaders and experts are usually involved in the design of the curriculum. Power MBAs help you tackle real life problems and think like an entrepreneur. They also push you to learn critical thinking.


An online MBA alternative is an excellent choice for many people, but it is especially suited for those who do not have the time to commit to an online MBA. A full online programme can take up to three years of intense studying and therefore isn’t suitable for everyone. Online MBA alternatives are more flexible when it comes to time constraints, and the courses are taught by industry experts, so it’s a win-win for everyone!