If you are missing teeth, you will be looking for suitable dental solutions. After all, nobody feels confident when they have gaps in their smile. In the long term, missing teeth can also lead to speech problems, bone loss and even increase the risk of gum disease.

So, what are the solutions? Well, dentures are one that many people consider due to their affordable price. Plus, there is no surgery required. But, you have to realise that there are a number of downsides to dentures. Let’s take a look at what they are, as well as the alternatives you should consider instead.

Not a Natural Smile

When you are missing teeth, you want to ensure that you regain a beautiful smile. But, one of the possible downsides to dentures is an unnatural look. People are not always happy with how their smile appears when they have dentures. It can be obvious you are wearing them, which makes you shy and not happy with how you look. You can avoid smiling and showing your teeth, and something like this can really affect your confidence. In addition, you are not able to wear dentures overnight. This is something that might bother you and make them feel unnatural since you always have to remove them.

This is why it might be best to consider alternatives to dentures. For example, a strong contender and one option that many people are happy with is dental implants. When you get effective dental implants fitted, you replace your missing teeth and regain a full smile. Many like how they feel and believe they have a more natural look. This is something that can improve your quality of life and help with self-esteem, especially if you have been missing teeth for a while.

Change the Way You Speak

There are some people that say wearing dentures changes the way they speak. You might not want this and it is even a factor that can affect your confidence. In particular, there can be difficulty with words that have ‘s’ sounds and ‘f’ sounds. In addition, there are some people that report clicking noises from their dentures.

Therefore, be aware that there is a possible getting dentures could change the way you speak. If this is something that you do not want to risk, it will be best to consider the alternatives. Again, a dental implant is often preferred since it is securely inserted into the jawbone. It is a permanent solution if you are missing teeth.

Cleaning is Involved

Of course, you must always brush your teeth at least twice daily. But, the bad news is that there is going to be even more cleaning involved when it comes to dentures. You are  expected to clean them at least once a day, which means ensuring there is no food or other deposits left on them. Those that have dentures say that they find the cleaning tedious. However, it is something that is necessary to avoid infections and inflamed gums. 

The only way to avoid the cleaning that is involved in this type of dental solution is to choose another one. Dental implants are another solution that you simply treat like your own natural teeth. This means that you only have to brush them as normal and there is less maintenance required.

Difficulty Eating

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to eat with dentures. When they are first new, it can be uncomfortable, and you have to take your time. It can take several weeks for your gums to get used to them, as well as for you to learn the best techniques for eating. Some people say that they never get used to them. Indeed, there will be some foods you should not eat at all if you have dentures. This includes things that are really chewy. For example, you should avoid things like popcorn, steak, chewing gum and apples.

If there is one thing that people do not like, it is being restricted in the way they eat. Unfortunately, this can happen when it comes to dentures. You can find them uncomfortable, and some foods can be off the table. Some people will find this frustrating. If you do not want to be in this position, it is better to choose dental implants. Again, there is a natural feel to this solution, which is not going to change your eating habits. This means that you can eat whatever you want, including anything hot or cold.

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