When designing a modern home, you need windows that enhance natural light and views while blending with the architecture. The best window styles for modern homes are double-hung and casement windows.

When choosing new windows or upgrading old ones, it is best to upgrade your glazing too. This may be to double glazing or triple glazing, which increases insulation, security, and home value.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows are the most popular window style for new and replacement homes. They feature sashes that slide vertically within the frame and can be designed without grilles or muntin’s, which is ideal for modern homes.

They’re versatile and easily customisable with a wide variety of colour and hardware options. Additionally, double-hung windows are easy to clean since the sashes can be tilted inward for convenient cleaning.

These windows are often paired with picture windows to allow for light and ventilation in the home. Additionally, awning windows can be placed directly below a picture window to provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Casement Windows

If you have a contemporary home, you probably want window styles that complement its minimalist aesthetic. For example, you might choose to have black windows with minimal grill patterns that blend seamlessly into your home’s design.

Another popular window style for modern homes is casement windows. These hinged windows open and close like a door with a simple crank. They are ideal for moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens because they offer great ventilation.

Sliding Windows

Modern home styles often feature a variety of window types. However, homeowners may struggle to find the right window style for their specific house.

The best window style for modern homes is one that allows for maximum natural light and picturesque views while providing easy ventilation. Sliding windows are a good choice as they open horizontally, which provides greater access for fresh air.

In addition to double-hung and casement windows, awning windows offer another great option for modern houses. Awning windows can be installed high above the ground and feature a wide angle, which helps prevent precipitation from entering your home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows provide the ultimate view and bathe a room in natural light. They are especially effective in areas where a window would not open for ventilation, such as high-up walls and living spaces with vaulted ceilings. These large, framed windows are perfect for highlighting scenic outdoor landscapes and cityscapes and offer the best in unobstructed views.

Because they do not have moving parts, picture windows cannot be opened or closed. However, they are often paired with operable windows in a mulled configuration to provide both visual interest and fresh air flow.

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