You must have seen the cult Mean Girls. The movie about the harsh everyday life of an ordinary American school, living according to the laws of the jungle, influenced mass culture, and the heroines Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Saifred and Lacey Schaber became a symbol of soulless teenage popularity for a long time.

Although this toxic company can hardly be called pleasant, many viewers now and then miss the on-screen foursome of sworn friends. Luckily, many books, YouTube videos, and even online pokies for real money are dedicated to this topic. Moreover, these 7 shows can stir your memory and give you similar experiences.

Gossip Girl

Has much changed in high school in the age of the Zoomers? Judging by the Gossip Girl reboot, pink has been worn a lot less often. Otherwise, much is in the same place: toxic attacks on each other, intrigue and betrayal, struggles for influence, and not always successful attempts to build love.

Serialized high school students do not let go of their gadgets and often talk about social justice, but are they always fair to each other? Watch and decide for yourself.

Vice Principals

It’s not always the unruly students who are the main problem at school. Sometimes the main source of toxicity is the teaching staff, as in this black comedy starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins.

The plot centers on two vice principals who decide to vie for the “throne” after the principal retires. These gentlemen are trashier than all the trashy girls put together – with desperate zeal and boundless meanness they weave intrigues and build a strange hierarchy, proving that the school is cruel even to adults.


What does an unassuming American schoolgirl want most of all? To be popular, of course. And what does she want when she becomes famous for the whole school? That’s right, to stop drawing so much attention to herself. The heroine of this dramatic comedy, young Jenna Hamilton, has experienced the paradoxes of life.

Once the girl dreamed of being noticed, but now the whole school only talks about her: people around her think that Jenna tried to commit suicide, although she is just clumsy. Now it’s up to her to figure out how popular teenagers live, and carry the burden of notoriety with dignity until the dust settles.

The White Lotus

This ironic comedy with elements of drama is not about school, but even adults sometimes behave like children, let alone teenagers. They didn’t choose their beach neighbors, just as they don’t choose their classmates.

There are bullies with bad guys, popular arrogant girls, and unremarkable nerds, and gray cardinals – excellent students who are smarter than everyone else. Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Brittany O’Grady, Sidney Sweeney, Steve Zahn, Aubrey Plaza, and other stars have starred in the acclaimed show, so impressive acting is included.

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Even high school queens grow up and become college girls someday, losing all their privileges and gaining new problems. In a college dorm, no one cares who you used to be, and it’s a great chance to build a new life from scratch. The heroines of the series take this chance.

One finally breaks free from the care of her parents and hurries to break away, the second learns the basics of financial literacy and faces the first betrayals, the third also survives the deception of others and tries to get out of the shadow of an influential and famous mom, and the fourth tries to establish a personal life and leave in the past majors popular trashy girl.

Jonah From Tonga

Many people remember Ja’mie: Private School Girl in connection with Mean Girls, but there is another project with Chris Lilley that is worth watching for fans of high school chaos.

Jonah from Tonga is a story about a trashy boy from Polynesia who terrorizes everyone around him and at the same time demonstrates how schools are organized in Australia. If you want to appreciate the comedy with notes of absurdity, which has generated a lot of controversy about the ethics of screen reincarnations in representatives of other nations, watch this series.

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