Stand Out by Using These Eight Valuable Tips When Designing Signage

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

For any business to succeed, people need to know about it. No matter if it’s a tiny startup or a big corporation, getting the word out through ads is the name of the game.

If you don’t let people know about what you’re offering, it’s going to be tough to get them through the door. Having good ads gives your business an inviting and professional vibe, building up your reputation.

You can’t underestimate the power of a great outdoor sign. When a potential customer spots catchy, custom made metal signs outside, they’re way more likely to swing by for a look. A solid outdoor sign is a badge of honor for a top-notch business.

Staying on top of your outdoor sign game is key to long-term success. This article lays out why outdoor signs are such a big deal and gives the lowdown on how businesses can use new tricks to spread the word about what they offer.

Is It Readable?

When you’re designing your new sign, think about how easy it is to read. Your company logo needs to stand out and be easy to get, and any text has to be in a font that’s big enough to catch the eye of someone driving by.

Instead of going all out with fancy designs, just focus on making the sign clear and easy to read.

Putting a border around your sign can speed up reading by a cool 25 percent. It’s a simple way to make your sign easier to read.

Where to Put Your Sign

Think about where your sign will go. You want it close enough to the road so people can see it easily. If it’s on the side of your building, make sure it’s clear for people driving by. That way, new customers can spot you, and suppliers won’t have trouble finding you either.

Choosing Colors

Go for colors that pop. Black on yellow, black on white, yellow on black, white on blue, and green on white are some combos that catch the eye. Stick your company logo on there too, but keep it simple. That way, your sign is easy to read and hard to miss.

Text and Fonts

Make sure the words are big enough for everyone to read, no matter their age. You might have to consider going bigger than you initially thought. Get people of all ages to drive by and check if they can read it. Also, go for a mix of upper and lower-case letters. It might sound weird, but all caps can actually be harder to read.

When it comes to fonts, keep it simple. Fancy stuff might look cool, but it’s not so easy to read from a distance. Stick with clear block letters or stylized ones that aren’t too fancy. If your logo has a certain font, use that on the sign too. You could tweak it a bit so it fits, but keep the main idea the same. That way, your whole brand comes together, and you can reach more people.

Lighting Up Your Sign

Remember to light up your sign at night, no matter what kind it is. Signs with built-in lights are the easiest to spot. If it’s on your building, shine some exterior lights on it. But before you do anything, check with your local authorities about any lighting rules you need to follow. There is no point in building something that you have to tear down later.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Think about how fast people can read—about four words a second. So, when you’re designing your sign, keep it snappy. If it’s inside or sheltered, you can put more on there. But for those drive-by signs, go easy on the text. Your company name and logo should do most of the talking, maybe with a picture that reminds people of what you’re all about. Like a pizza joint showing a big slice on their sign. That way, next time someone’s hungry for pizza, they’ll think of you.

Designing a Billboard

A billboard is a whole other game. You’ve got more space, but you still want your message to be simple enough for drivers to catch without swerving off the road. Use words like “I,” “me,” “my” “you,” and “your” to make it feel personal. And don’t forget the visuals—if you’re advertising a car, slap a picture of it on there. Stick the company’s logo on too, with their permission, of course. If it’s a Ford dealership, make sure that the blue oval is right there on your ad. It makes things clear and direct for anyone passing by.

Let Your Creativity Shine

Have fun with your sign, but don’t go too far. You don’t want to tick anyone off or leave them scratching their heads. People love a bit of light humor on signs, so if you’ve got a changeable text, throw in something witty. Customers might even snap a picture and share it online, giving you some free online buzz.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, getting your signage right is like nailing that first impression. You want it to be clear, easy to read and to reflect what your business is all about. Think about how it looks day and night and if it’s grabbing attention the way you want it to. And hey, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through a bit—a little humor or a friendly vibe can go a long way. So go ahead, make that sign stand out, and let it do some of the talking for your awesome business!