SSR Techvision

SSR Techvision is indeed a famous Business Process Outsourcing service provider in India, the United States and around the world. Sushil Singh; an Indian entrepreneur, started this business for making a change in the communication platforms where he gave more than 10 years to learn the atmosphere of this industry and where does it lack.

The very reason pushed him to open SSR Techvision in 2015. The BPO started with two clients in 2015 and now has over 300 clients. It does show how well they have grown, taking the business to another level.  They do work to provide, Call Center Outsourcing Services, Back Office Outsourcing Services, Sales & Business Development, Healthcare Outsourcing Services, E-commerce Outsourcing Services and more. These very platforms have seen a ride of consistency in the last seven years. 

SSR spends a lot to make sure that there should be a balance that can lead one to a decent level. With the help of surveys and all, SSR has created a platform that is helping several people to know what is the real definition of communication. Otherwise, it would have been hard to make an impact that can help every partner brand of SSR to have strong communication with these customers.

“Our goal at SSR is to make sure that there should be a platform that can brand very well. We do have a 24/7 approach with having a family-life feeling that has helped us to make an impact,” said Sushil Singh; the founder of SSR Techvision. 

The way they are changing definitions in the BPO sector does speak a lot. They know the platform and it is working well for them. One could not ask more from an outsourcing partner.  

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