Europe is the largest and most diverse region in the world that lets you travel through a variety of countries without the need to make several visas. Eurotrips still have to be thoroughly planned. In this guide from FREETOUR travel agents, you will learn everything needed to plan the safest and most convenient journey. 

1. Budgeting

Preparing for a trip to Europe, you should plan your budget in advance based on the following factors:

  • How long are you going to be in Europe? – this will give you the answer on how many days you need to pay for. The duration of your stay also matters. For example, if you are a US citizen, you can travel in the EU without a visa for up to 90 days, but a Schengen is needed if you are planning a longer trip.
  • What countries and places do you want to visit? – even within the European Union, the prices in different countries may vary a lot. For example, the average monthly room rent in Paris city center is around 1200 Eur, while it’s only $350 per month in the center of Bucharest, which is also one of the safest cities. Figure out what are the accommodation, transportation, entertainment, and food costs are in the country or countries you want to visit and take around 25% more to ensure you have enough for everything you may need. 
  • Plan the route and schedule – following a certain schedule and root is necessary to keep you at the right place to see everything and avoid overspending. 

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2. Practical Tips for Solo Travelers

Traveling solo means that you have only two hands and one head, this makes you responsible for everything. Here are the tips that will ensure your comfort and safety:

  • Don’t pack too much – it always costs more to take larger luggage along and takes more time to repack and manage it during the trip. Take only those things that you can’t go without in any circumstances. Everything else can be purchased on the go. 
  • Always be kind and learn about local customs – it’s not only to be polite but also to ensure that you get help from strangers if you need it. The knowledge of local customs can also simplify your stay, help you feel more natural, and find a common language with locals quicker. 
  • Book all the flights in a month or two – that’s the best way to get the lowest prices.
  • Book trains and busses in a week – this way you will be in time to get the tickets for sure as it can be hard to purchase tickets during the summer tourist season in Europe. 
  • Look for last-minute accommodation – it’s an effective way to get better offers.
  • Don’t go without travel insurance – although Europe is generally safe, accidents may occur and the insurance will protect your budget from burning if something goes wrong with your health. For reference, Cover Trip will walk you through all the information you need to know in this American Express Travel Insurance review, dig in.
  • Take both cash and cards along – taking only cash is a big mistake because if you lose it, you lose all the money. However, having some cash is still necessary as cards may not be accepted in some random locations. 

3. Solo Traveler Safety Tips

Below are the safety tips that are necessary to follow even though Europe is safe for the most part:

  • Always inform someone close about your boardings and stays;
  • Keep an eye on your stuff as crowded areas and public transport are targets for pickpocketers. 
  • Don’t trust strangers on the streets too much. The friendliest of them can offer cheap or free stuff, which is usually a scam. If you have any suspicions, you should believe them and tell a stranger that you waiting for a partner or entering a more crowded place. 
  • Don’t go to neighborhoods without researching them in advance. 
  • Always keep your money and passport in the safest place. 
  • Don’t drink with strangers. There are many scam schemes based on friendly drinking. 

Enjoy Your Trip! 

Although you may think that there are too many rules to keep in mind, it’s actually not difficult at all. Your comfort and safety are too important not to remember them at first sight. Have a nice trip and feel free to add tips in the comments.