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Seedtag, which is famous for being leaders in EMEA and LATAM advertisement, has said they have managed to add a funding of USD 40 million. The $40m funding, a Series B, was led by Oakley Capital. Adara Ventures and All Iron Ventures did also take part in the investment round as they are planning to expend their business to the next level. In 2017, they did lead their Series A funding of $5.2m. However, they did grow very well in four years and managed to make a funding of USD 40m. This does indeed tell a lot about Seedtag.

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Madridbased Seed tagled the latest funding series backed by Oakley Capital ustaylortech.euas they are looking for the United States expansion.

After working very well in Madrid, Spain, Seedtag now wants to make an impact in the United States of America. It does show the way they want to grow in the creative manner and make it an MNC, also known as multinational corporation. Oakley Capital is one of the leading investors in Europe. They always look to invest in midrange companies. Oakley has over 4B$ investment in many companies of Europe.

Seedtag wants 40m to use Oakley Capital ustaylortech.eufunding for making an impact globally in the world of textual advertising partner for mega brands. As they are the leaders of EMEA and LATAM, it does allow them to expend around the world and make an impact in a creative form. LionTree has been playing the role for the financial advisors of Seedtag shareholders. They have made a bilateral deal with Oakley.

As the advertisement world is changing a lot with the arrival of social media, it does indeed talk a lot about Seedtag and others. With the competition level if sky high, there is indeed always a need of a new player who can provide best outcomes to the brands and their growth in many different ways.

With Madridbased Seed tagis using 40m to shine in a or creative manner, it dies only provide the growth they are looking as Seedtag wants to make an impact in the United States and then shine around the world. For which, the US does hold the key to make an impact.

Seed tag feels that 40m series led by Oakley would help them to shine and make an impact in the very best way. In the last 5 to 10 years, social media has changed the world of advertisements. This does indeed tell a lot aboutSeedtag and their creative look. In just a very short span, they have taken the rise of consistency that has made a bigger look and feel.

Seedtag series backed by Oakley does have a creative aim which is to make adds as a way to make brands work well.

The management of Seedtag feels that they have plans that can help brands to covert sales and profile, anything they are looking for to make an impact. This does indeed tell a lot about Seedtag and their way to lead things forward. The brand sees to have a great growth in the next five years.

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