Samsung Biologics Receives CDMO Leadership Awards in All Six Categories

Samsung Biologics, one of the world’s largest contract development and manufacturing organizations, was recognized at the 2023 CDMO Leadership Awards ceremony held in New York in March. The company accepted Champion Awards in four categories: capabilities, compatibility, reliability, and quality. It also received the Excellence Award in all six categories, acknowledging its achievements in the expertise and service categories. 

The awards mark Samsung Biologics’ 10th consecutive year of recognition by the CDMO Leadership Awards. The CDMO began to receive accolades as an industry leader shortly after its founding in 2011.

“These awards reflect the trust clients have in our competitiveness,” said Samsung Biologics president and CEO John Rim. “We will continue to meet client and partner expectations by providing high-quality biopharmaceuticals through our expanded capabilities in contract development and manufacturing.”

About the CDMO Leadership Awards

The CDMO Leadership Awards were founded in 2011 by American pharmaceutical journal Life Science Leader and the online publication Outsourced Pharma.

Companies are awarded based on market research carried out by Industry Standard Research, as well as direct feedback from existing and recent pharmaceutical companies that have partnered with CDMOs to outsource manufacturing or development services. Impartial biopharmaceutical professionals assessed 72 CDMOs for the 2023 awards, with final judgments based on 23 performance metrics and demonstrated achievement on an outsourced biopharmaceutical manufacturing project within the past 18 months.

“For over a decade, these awards have been the most meaningful for biopharma organizations striving to obtain optimal outcomes from their outsourcing activities. Our research arm, ISR Reports, which only surveys drug sponsors who have worked directly and recently with specific CDMOs, ensures the validity of these results. Our winners are your gold medalists of outsourcing,” said Louis Garguilo, chief editor and conference chair at Outsourced Pharma.

Samsung Biologics’ 2022 Performance

Samsung Biologics was able to demonstrate its manufacturing and development services through several partnerships in 2022. The CDMO specializes in the production of monoclonal antibodies, partnering with companies to complete mAb projects at a variety of scales.

It offers the largest biomanufacturing capacity at any single location at its Songdo, South Korea, headquarters, with three plants in full utilization and partial operations at Plant 4 beginning in 2022. At 240,000 liters, Plant 4 will be the largest of its kind in terms of capacity once fully operational in 2023. The additional capacity will bring Samsung Biologics’ total capacity to an industry-leading 604,000 liters.

In addition to its foundation of mAb contracts, Samsung Biologics expanded into mRNA vaccine production and biosimilars in 2023, adding an end-to-end mRNA facility and completing a full acquisition of the biosimilars firm Samsung Bioepis.

This activity translated into solid financials for Samsung Biologics. With revenues from Samsung Bioepis included, the company reported a record-high consolidated revenue of 3 trillion Korean won (about $2.28 billion) and 983.6 billion won in operating profit in 2022.

As its revenue increases, Samsung Biologics is prioritizing sustainable growth and environmental initiatives. The CDMO released its second annual ESG report in 2022, which detailed emissions reduction targets across its supply chain, as well as involvement with groups such as the Sustainable Markets Initiative, Carbon Disclosure Project, and Frontier 1.5D.

“Besides adopting new technologies, the pharma industry is also responsible to incorporate ESG measures into its processes,” said Rim in a recent interview. “Four percent to 5% of the total global carbon output results from the healthcare industry, so in order to address this subject we are actively engaged in the SMI. Driven by King Charles III and led by CEOs and executives from various companies and national agencies (WHO, NHS, etc.), this program aims to set global standards and to create public and private partnerships.”

Plans To Lead in 2023

Samsung Biologics plans to continue its growth in 2023, focusing on innovating in antibody development and manufacturing services and exploring new technologies.

In 2022, the company launched two new development platforms, S-DUAL and DEVELOPICK, which will play a key role in the company’s antibody services going forward. S-DUAL is designed to produce high yields of bispecific antibodies, targeting multiple factors simultaneously to increase effectiveness and improve manufacturing efficiency. DEVELOPICK is a platform that can rapidly screen molecules to assess developability.

At the 2023 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, Rim announced that the company would begin construction of its second Bio Campus this year, solidifying its role as a leader in South Korea’s growing biotech hub. The new campus will include an innovation center to collaborate with biotech startups. It will also include Plant 5, which is expected to bring total capacity to 784,000 liters once completed. According to Rim, the CDMO will invest 7.5 trillion won in Bio Campus 2.

Rim also noted that Samsung Biologics will use its Life Science Fund to invest in promising biotech companies in 2023 and is exploring expanding into antibody-drug conjugates and cell and gene therapy.

When interviewed about Samsung Biologics’ goals for the coming year, Rim outlined three target areas of growth, “First of all, we will continue to expand our capacity via our Bio Campus 2,” he said. “Secondly, we intend to further grow our portfolio through more diversified modalities such as an antibody-drug conjugates program. Thirdly, we are interested in increasing our geographical footprint beyond our R&D center in South San Francisco with a sales office in New Jersey and Boston.