As the number of senior citizens are increasing in Australia, the Retirement Village concept has also become popular. These villages are often the perfect places for retirees as they get to live happy and fulfilling lives. These societies have all the essential requirements for particular age groups. Many retirement villages in Canberra provide optimum security and all facilities. 

Retirement villages are built for buyers aged 55 and above. These villages have excellent facilities like swimming pools, parks, gyms, libraries, and cafeterias. These retirement villages ensure the freedom of the residents. Retirees can enjoy group activities along with leisure activities. 

Standard facilities in Retirement:

1. Availability of essentials

In a retirement Village in Canberra, all the essential food items, healthcare, and skincare products are available. Other facilities like fruit and vegetable shops and grocery shops are also available. 

2. Services for the smooth running of a household

Services like housekeepers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and drivers are available almost instantly. 

3. Medical and Healthcare

A Retirement Village usually has medical facilities within its premises. The medical staff knows how to take care of older people’s emergencies. 

Pharmacies are also located within the premises of the village

4. Companionship and leisure activities 

Retirement villages are perfect homes for aged people who like to be surrounded by people of the same age. They tend to get companionship quickly and can share feelings easily. 

Leisure activities are also held regularly to keep the people engaged. 

Disadvantages of living in a retirement village:

There are a few disadvantages of living in a retirement Village:

  1. Some people might find it difficult to adjust to a new environment. It might take them a while to communicate with the other residents and live happily. 
  2. The space in the apartment might be less for some older adults. They might find it hard initially. 
  3. The cost of living in a retirement village might be a bit high for a few. Since the retirement villages have many facilities, service charges are also exceptionally high sometimes. 

How to Choose the Right Retirement Village?

Choosing the proper retirement Village might be hectic, but keeping the following points in mind can make the job easier.

  1. The size and rent of the apartment. 
  2. What facilities are available within the premises of the Resident village?
  3. Are the Healthcare facilities available 24×7?
  4. How far is the well-equipped medical care center from the village?
  5. What is the service charge and what are included in it?
  6. Is the security system top-notch?
  7. Is there any facility for bringing guests to the Resident village?
  8. What is the age limit for residing in the Resident village?

What is the cost of living in a Retirement village?

The cost of living differs from person to person. The types of facilities and services availed by the person will determine the cost of living. The location of the retirement village and the type of apartment will decide the expenditure of a person.

A retirement village is a good option for retirees who want to live peacefully with people of the same age. Many retirement villages in Canberra are available as per a person’s need.