With a rich cultural history and vibrant traditions, travellers and expats hunt for furnished monthly apartments for rent in Mexico City. Whether it’s for the sights, the food, or the ambiance, people can’t help but fall in love with Mexico City’s rustic charm.

Both have one fundamental similarity in whether you need to stay short-term or long-term. You need a place to stay! But for a lot of people, this can be intimidating. This article will outline which areas you should look into and why. Notably, we’ll look at how you can get the best possible deals without sacrificing the loveliness of Mexico City or your requirements.

Head to the Outskirts

When you move away from city centres, finding comfortable and affordable housing for your stay becomes progressively easier. That’s why it’s good to begin looking away from the urban hubs and instead focus on the city outskirts, where you’ll find many options opening up!

Roma Norte & Roma Sur and Condesa

The first thing about these areas is that there’s a lot of local competition. And this can’t possibly be overstated. Landlords are engaged in constant back-and-forth tensions, and this competition leads to extremely affordable housing rates as a result. You’ll never have to worry about an abrupt change to the terms you agree on here.

But that’s not all! You also get to immerse yourself in the artistic and cultural ambiance of the area. This will undoubtedly be enriching and exciting to experience as you settle in.

Emerging Neighborhoods

Other than the areas on the outskirts, you can also consider neighborhoods that are slowly improving. These emerging neighborhoods are going through a transition period where positive developments occur, but people haven’t yet flocked to them.

You’re uniquely positioned to benefit from this and enjoy lower prices as the demand will be low.


Interest in Napoles is only increasing with time because it’s centrally located and has easy transportation access. The increasing number of cafes and restaurants in the area demonstrates this interest.


Similar to Napoles, Tacubaya has a good location. In this case, it connects the center with the southern region; besides that, it’s a very well-connected area thanks to Metro. The atmosphere is also best suited to those who enjoy a simple, quiet life without the hustle and bustle.


Many believe Juarez to be the cultural hub of Mexico City. Being adjacent to the historic center, Juarez is a very convenient pit stop travelling to different landmarks. If you settle here, passing by the historical sites will become a part of your daily routine.

But apart from history, there are also other fascinating cultural attractions. There’s a lot to see for those who love the art scene, along with all kinds of eateries for foodies to dig into and enjoy.

San Rafael

If Mexico City’s history tugs at your heartstrings, you must stay here. The history of this region is so beautifully preserved and displayed that it’s hard not to be moved. There are a lot of highly well-preserved older buildings, and San Rafael will let you stay in them.

And apart from architecture, you also benefit from being relatively close to Downtown. So that’s another fairly attractive aspect of staying here.

Check Websites and Other Local Resources

There are a lot of websites you can rely on to get an idea of your options. But besides websites, you can also check out newspapers advertising different housing alternatives. But of course, keep your safety the priority in these instances.

Generally speaking, it’s much safer to go on sites like Blueground, which will do all the work for you.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Arguably easier than some other options! You hire someone to do the legwork, someone local at that. But this can quickly wrack up a huge bill, so make sure you only pay as much as you need to and not more.

Negotiate and Be Strategic

Some areas will operate on stricter rules than others, which means others will be more lenient. If you go to the right place, you can cut a deal with the landlord where instead of paying for a short-term rental, you pay for a long-term rental and get a total discount overall.

Additionally, in spots like Roma Norte, you might find your landlords very flexible to various terms as long as you pay on time.

Look into Finding Roommates

If you’ve exhausted every option and aren’t sure what else to do, make life easy and look for roommates. While finding the right fit can take some time plus trial and error, it can be a very comfortable solution to having accommodation.


In conclusion, Mexico City has much to offer, and no one should miss out on its uniquely rustic charm. So, plan your stay with affordable accommodation in mind and keep coming back to this article so you can take all the proper steps.

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