It is common for households to face plumbing challenges every other day. The problem is further highlighted by the statistics that suggest that minor plumbing problems account for over 10,000 gallons of water wastage every year. Sydney has a total of 1,855,734 dwellings. According to statistics, every household utilises pipe relining services once in 35-50 years, and about 17% to 26% of the pipelines are rehabilitated every five years in Sydney

So, whenever you hire a professional to fix these problems, you contribute to a more significant cause. Thus, every individual must always hire trusted professionals like a pipe relining company in Sydney for pipe relining and other plumbing services. 

Related to the conversation of plumbing, this article will give you all you need to know about pipe relining. 

What is Pipe Relining? 

Pipe relining is a way of repairing pipes directly from the inside by using a special epoxy resin. It’s a quiet, quick, and hassle-free solution. 

Resin is used because it gets stronger over time and can be even stronger than the original pipe. It is technically forming a new pipe inside the damaged pipe. 

Due to minimum involvement of digging, this process is known as the trenchless mechanism. The process of pipe relining is a highly cost-efficient method of leaky pipe repair.

Reasons to Opt for Pipe Relining

To help you assess if pipe relining is better than traditional methods of fixing pipes. This section shares a compiled list of reasons to aid your decision-making. 


The traditional method of fixing pipes requires a lot of digging in the ground. Once the pipe is fixed, you have to put everything back in place. 

This is not only a cumbersome process but also a costly one. 

Saves Time

Traditional replacement is very time-consuming and can take up to two weeks to completely repair. On the contrary, pipe relining is a day’s job at most. 


In some cases, you might even need to take permission from the council to get the street blocked. To save you the struggle and pain of all this, no such public concerning action is required when you opt for the seamless task of relining.


Pipe relining is super durable and long-lasting. Owing to the reline inserted under the main pipe, the pipe has double the strength than what it was earlier.  

It is a one-time investment as the reline has a 50+ year life of its own.

Environment Friendly

Relining doesn’t require you to employ heavy machinery or disrupt the natural flow of its surroundings. It is easy and can be done with minimal to no harm to the environment.

Seamless Water Flow

Due to relining, the inside of the pipe is smooth and doesn’t have any chips or flakes. This accounts for an uninterrupted and comfortable flow of water while still meeting water pressure. 

Importance of Hiring Professionals

As a homeowner, you must only trust professionals. By hiring professionals, you ensure that all work is done systematically with the usage of modern technology. 

They will ensure expert services that trained professionals will execute. 

Summing Up

You must always seek the help of trained professionals to fix plumbing problems. Further, it is of prime importance to employ reliable services from a pipe relining company in Sydney. 

This article talks about all you need to know about the famous pipe relining process that is a hassle-free and quick solution to fix all damaged pipes. 

Author Name: Andrya Fayina

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