Want to put your bet on a rooster fight? Yes, that’s a real thing, Humans like to watch any two things fight each other, be it humans, bulls, dogs, or cats, But this time, the fight is between the roosters.


  1. What is Wpit18.com?
  2. How to create an account on Wpit18.com?
  3. Features
  4. Advantages
  5. Disadvantages
  6. Is it legal?
  7. Conclusion

What is Wpit18.com?

Wpit18.com is an online platform where live shows of rooster fights are held regularly and people put bets on their favorite rooster just like in horse racing.

These types of events are mainly organized offline in the Philippines, and they telecast them for live users on Wpit18.com.People put their bets online by creating an account on the website and enjoy watching the roosters fight.

How to create an account on Wpit18.com?

You may think the process should be similar to any other website where you have to put in credentials and your account is created. But no, the account creation process is very different, You have to contact the website officials by clicking on the contact us button on the website, Then you will be provided with options to connect like WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

Connect through these apps and you will be provided with the credentials for your account. Now just go to the website and log in.


  1. It enables users to enjoy live roosters fighting with each other without going to the Philippines. The concept is quite new, so the attraction potential of this website is quite high.
  2. They can also earn loads of money through this, Just like any betting app like bet365.com or Dream 11 is used to earn money by placing bets, the same thing goes here.


  1. Though it is illegal to make roosters fight in many countries, Wpit18.com helps individuals in those countries enjoy the same without facing any issues as they are just the users.
  2. Helps in making a good amount of money very quickly.
  3. This is good business for the people of the Philippines.


It involves animal cruelty. Though many people like these kinds of games, a good proportion of the population might be against the way these games are conducted.

  1. Also, many organizations are there for the safety of animals or against animal cruelty, which can file a lawsuit against these websites and take strict action.
  2. Gambling is included, which is believed to be terrible in any form, and here people put bets on roosters fighting, so its impact is much higher.

Is Wpit18.Com legal?

This game directly involves animal cruelty, which is unacceptable in any country. That’s why this kind of business is run in a very hideous manner to avoid any implication of the deeds.

Every person who is related to this game form is risking themselves as if any action might be taken in the future, then all will get some kind of punishment.

Conclusion :

It is better to avoid playing or becoming a part of such websites or games, as they can lead to any kind of legality. If you want to enjoy legalities, better watch UFC or WWE, where people are hurting each other but precautions are taken at every step. Here, roosters are seen just like kids’ toys, which should not happen.

Every animal has their worth and should be given the proper due, and to use them in such a manner should be strictly prohibited.

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