The global village is revolutionizing, and the metaverse is slowly trying to pioneer the world. The diversifying era is all set to witness innovation. Metaverse is the new change the world will see in the next few years. Some metaverse speakers have commented on the recent shift in action in upcoming years. 

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 What is metaverse? 

Metaverse term is derived by combining two words – meta and universe. The word was first introduced in a science fiction novel named Snow Crash. Metaverse is going to advance virtual reality. It’s a part of virtual reality, which isn’t real but gives a feel of reality right from home. Metaverse is a 3D interactive platform fostering all the checkpoints of socialization. It can make people interact, play games, and hang out without coming together in a particular place. All these features will be available on mobile and every electronic device. Metaverse is a combo of VR headsets, augmented reality, and holograms. VR headsets enable the audio feature of the metaverse. Augmented reality is the virtual environment created similar to the existing natural environment. Hologram refers to the movement of the avatars and objects present in the virtual platform of the metaverse. 

Origination of metaverse 

Metaverse came into the knowledge of people in 1992. Now, the metaverse is present in several games that are played online. These people can modify their avatars, interact, and play games with others. The user is always referred to as a flexible avatar that can be changed with time and user requirements. The metaverse speakers let the people know more about the metaverse. Second life is considered the first metaverse, which was launched in 2003. Most famous companies like amazon and Microsoft are upgrading their software and trying to introduce metaverse 

 Why should the metaverse be preferred? 

If anyone wants to socialize or initiate social interaction virtually, it’s the best thing the user can ever get. People are now more inclined towards staying indoors rather than moving out and hanging out with people. So metaverse can be proven beneficial for all the lazy and introverted people. 

The metaverse possesses negativity. 

Like a coin, everything has both good and bad sides, and so does the metaverse. Though the metaverse intends to diversify the virtual world, it also possesses some adverse effects. Metaverse connects people virtually but, in reality, disconnects them from one another. And slowly, it starts consuming the mind of the person playing it and makes them addicted to it, affecting mental and physical health. After the pandemic, people were more interested in virtual interactions, so that’s when the metaverse got a boost.

A boost of metaverse can lead to the loss of users’ private data as companies can easily track the data of the users shared on the platform or through virtual interaction, which might put people’s privacy at stake.  

 Views of Metaverse speakers 

Edward Baig – Metaverse will have some promising features that will give people new experiences and benefits that are hard to create in real life. 

Daniel D. Bryant – By 2040, people can easily use screens to explore and interact. People are soon going to climb through the nets and explore virtuality. 

Eric Burger – Soon, people are going to access self-driving remote-controlled cars. Metaverse will become globally recognised in the coming decades. 

Above are some views of metaverse speakers who believe in digitalisation. 

Decades from now, people will be interacting through metaverse platforms.