Metal Roofing: Lesser Known Facts and Signs Your House Is Perfect for this Installation

Nothing seems as comforting as the thought of having a roof above your head. The thought becomes more peaceful if the roof is of metal, which is weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and has anti-rush finishing. If you reside in Spokane, you already know how popular metal roofs have become. So, whether you have it installed or plan to replace it with your older roof, now is the right time to learn a few important things.

A Few Lesser Known Facts about Metal Roofs: What Should You Know beforehand?

Since it is hard-wearing, it needs negligible maintenance. The roofing sheets can stay durable for over 40 years without expensive repairs. Some winter storms in Spokane bring low temperatures and, at times, ice, strong winds, freezing rain, and sleet. Extreme cold and heavy snowfall may severely impact the whole Spokane region. In such a circumstance, a metal roof protects the families from adverse weather conditions.

Unlike asphalt, this roofing’s interlocking panels stay firm against storms and hail, thereby resisting damage. Such roofing also prevents high winds from damaging the house. Whether it’s a storm or intense wind, metal roofs are the safest consideration. Besides, compared to asphalt, this roofing choice makes it easier for the snow to slide off. 

Do you know metal roofing can also integrate excellently with solar panels? With tile, slate, asphalt, or any other conventional materials, attaching solar panels requires holes drilled in your roof. One downside is that it introduces potential failure points, resulting in water leakage.

With a metal roof, solar panels are either installed with concealed fasteners or clamped onto their panels. This process neither involves any failure point nor any need for holes. 

Let’s evaluate the common signs that indicate your house is perfect for this type of roof installation:

4 Signs Indicating Your House Is Perfect for Metal Roof Installation

If you are looking for a new roof installation, metal roofing can be your safest choice in case of these things. Here’s mentioning the plausible signs indicating that this roofing option is best for your house:

  • You Don’t Want to Undergo Re-Roofing

Who would ever wish to undergo re-roofing? But the fact is that only metal roofs last longer than other types. Now that you’re planning to hire a trustworthy company for the installation, get assistance for this type of roofing.

It lasts for decades; you only need to repair it once in a blue moon. This type gives you the ultimate peace of mind and makes a well-informed financial decision. Most importantly, it does not require you to go through several re-roofing processes.

  • You Wish to Save Utility Costs

Every homeowner wants that. But when it comes to a roof choice, most people don’t know that metal has a heat-reflective finish. With quality paint, you could become lucky to save around 25% of your electricity bill with such an investment.

  • Disasters Associated with Fire, Severe Weather, Etc.

Spokane witnesses severe weather conditions. Considering the adverse weather, a quality roofing solution plays a huge role in preventing the house from damage caused by natural disasters. Whether the house catches fire or the region witnesses heavy storms, metal can protect your family.

Noticeable Indications that Suggest Your Metal Roof Needs Small Repairs

If you have postponed your metal roof repair several times, congratulations, you aren’t alone in the queue. In fact, most homeowners think the repair is expensive. But procrastinating and delaying will only lead those small problems to create bigger ones. As a result, you would need to pay more later. So, if you have seen a minor fault in your roof, it is not time to neglect the clear indications. Get it fixed by the professionals in case of these signs:

  • Openings seen in the horizontal seams 
  • Some metals oxidize, so minor corrosions can occur (unlike asphalt roofing)
  • Oil canning due to ripple effects (usually occurs when the metal is flat or over-stretched)
  • Headwall flashing or open ridge 
  • Punctured roofs with scratches
  • Paint fading away
  • Scuffing or leaking

At Advance Roofing LLC, you can take assistance with metal roofing. As a pioneer in the roofing industry in Spokane, this company has the experience and expertise to offer a comprehensive installation, repair, or replacement solution.