Maintaining oral health during orthodontic treatment: Tips from Omaha’s orthodontic experts

A good orthodontic treatment depends on your overall oral health. You risk your smile losing its physical and cosmetic appeal if your oral health deteriorates. Moving your teeth when they are unhealthy can have negative effects in addition to problems like tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease. Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial even if you are not receiving orthodontic treatment. However, it becomes even more important if you are using an orthodontic appliance. You may be eager to get your teeth straightened, but if oral hygiene is not given the attention, it could result in serious problems. Continue reading about orthodontic expert’s tips for maintaining oral health during orthodontic treatment:

Clean your clear aligners

You simply need to clean your clear aligners every day, even though you only wear them for one to two weeks before moving on to the next set. The same bacteria and plaque that build up on your teeth can spread between the trays and your teeth, accumulating there as well. The flavor and smell of the trays, as well as your oral health, are significantly improved by daily cleaning, which takes a few minutes. If you are looking for the orthodontist Omahachoose the one that offers good treatment at an affordable price.

Avoiding certain foods and beverages

A few foods and drinks may particularly harm your teeth, braces, or aligners. In addition to eating a healthy diet, paying attention to your food when receiving orthodontic treatment is critical.

Avoid chewing gum, popcorn, and hard candies, which might harm your braces or aligners. Limit your consumption of sweet or acidic meals and drinks, including soda, juice, and candy. These can raise the possibility of tooth erosion and decay, which orthodontic devices may make worse. When it comes to hiring an orthodontist Omaha, choose the famous one.

Attend your dental appointments

Attending your dental appointments is another approach to maintaining good oral health. When you visit the doctor, they will examine your teeth’s overall health, alignment, and any orthodontic devices you may be wearing. 

Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, have an X-ray taken, be photographed, have fluoride applied, and be professionally cleaned. Your dentist will then check your mouth and the photos for any signs of concern. They will establish a treatment plan, provide care, or send you to a specialist if necessary.

Your needs and goals will determine how frequently you should visit the dentist for a cleaning, but for the most part, you should go twice a year or every six months. See the dentist as often as they advise to keep your teeth and gums looking good and healthy.

Regular dental check-ups

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial, especially while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Your dentist can help you see any potential problems and offer advice on maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

As your dentist or orthodontist may advise, regular dental exams should be scheduled every six months. For them to pay additional attention to any potential problems, be sure to let your dentist know that you are receiving orthodontic treatment.

Bottom line

Finally, the abovementioned are about the orthodontic expert’s tips for maintaining oral health during orthodontic treatment. During orthodontic treatment, the health of your teeth and gums depends on maintaining great oral hygiene.